Rihanna Fan Prom Bat Diss Says Love Me Do Not Copy Me?

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Rihanna Fan Prom Bat Diss Says Love Me Do Not Copy Me?
It seems that Rihanna let her base instincts as a female of the species get the better of her when she dissed a fan being picked on by Twitter, calling her a prom bat, after the 16 year-old wore a similar outfit to Rihanna’s 2010 catsuit, looks like the singer is saying “love me but do not copy me.” Catsuit copying apparently brings out the claws in a meow type attack on the teenager from the 26 year-old singer.

Alexis Carter wanted to replicate the outfit that made Rihanna turn a lot of heads back in 2010. A family friend made the catsuit, which has now been dubbed a “batsuit” for her junior prom which had a Hollywood theme. The award winning singer posted on Twitter showing her version of the body hugging, cleavage baring outfit with IG under the photo. Next to her picture is the photo of Alexis in her version with Real Life under the picture. At the bottom of the tweet in her caption, Rihanna posted a frowny face.

While many jumped to accuse Rihanna of dissing her teen fan, whose outfit trended on Twitter with the hashtag #PromBat, it does seem that the singer is saying to her followers that it is okay to love her but not to copy her style. Although there could be a much simpler, and less antagonistic reason for the frowny face on Rihanna’s tweet.

Firstly, it should be pointed out that like every Hollywood cliche about women and their distaste at any other female dressing the same as them at any event, Rihanna could have let her baser instincts bring that catty reaction to the fore, regardless of the younger girl’s age. Or, given the pose that the 16 year-old is holding in the “comparison” picture, the singer may just be stating that that “look” wasn’t very flattering for the outfit.

Before looking at the other pictures taken of the 16 year-old high school student, it may go without saying that at that age wearing such a revealing outfit was not perhaps the best idea. While leaving very little to the imagination is a signature of Rihanna’s, a 16 year-old girl probably should not be emulating this much sexuality, unless her name is Miley Cyrus…

Interestingly enough, there have been no reports of what Momma, or Poppa, Carter thought of the outfit or even what they thought of the social media backlash. Moving on, the the second conclusion of the “prom cat/bat” suit, again ties into the the picture chosen by Rihanna to compare with, this snap does seem to have been done for comic effect by Alexis.

Rihanna Fan Prom Bat Diss Says Love Me Do Not Copy Me?
Rihanna apparently missing the humor intended in Alexis’ photo.

With her arms and legs spread wide, she is apparently “mugging” for the camera on her red carpet. Clearly this was a “for fun” photograph as a 16 year-old in this “day and age” surely knows that this pose is not sexy at all. It is, in fact, the most redeeming part of the whole issue. It is clear that Alexis wanted to replicate what she thought was a “cool” outfit, nevermind that way too much cleavage is on show for an under-18 child she was having fun with it.

Rihanna may stand accused of a “Prom Bat” diss and she could even be saying to her fans to love her, not copy her, but it seems more likely that she failed to see the humor in Alexis’ photo. As did most on Twitter apparently. Looking at other pictures on the Inernet of Ms Carter in the outfit, it is clear that the girl can look very sexy and attractive in this revealing catsuit. It does beg the question as to why the “bat photo” was leapt on by those who wanted to poke fun and not these “prettier” pictures. It is as confusing as Rihanna’s reaction to the pictures. Harking back to Miley Cyrus for a moment, in all likelihood Miley would have applauded the girl for her outfit choice while, at the same time, chastised her for wearing too much.

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