What’s Eating Kate Middleton?

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Is Duchess Kate Middleton concealing a second child, or has she been visited by the ghosts of Princess Diana’s troublesome past? Do the two share a secret eating disorder that has figuratively bonded them from beyond the grave? Is Kate taking a page from Diana’s book on how to be the “perfect” royal?

Middleton has always had a very slender figure, but most recently the 5’10” royal has been seen looking frail and skeletal at a speculated unhealthy 98 pounds. According to most weight charts, this is much too thin for her height and build. Those around the pretty princess have become increasingly concerned for her health, as they have seen her weight plummet to dangerous lows, and she has been suffering from illness rumored to be due to an unannounced pregnancy.

Similarly, Prince William’s mother Princess Diana, who also stood at a willowy 5’10” was often seen looking gaunt and drawn in appearance. It has been revealed that the Princess of Wales did suffer from a secret battle with bulimia, an eating disorder in which one binges on large amounts of food (usually calorie-dense or “junk” food) and then forces themselves to vomit in order to rid themselves of everything they ate and to avoid gaining weight. Diana was often caught eating large amounts of candy, ice cream and other fattening foods, yet never appeared to gain an ounce.

Diana’s marriage to Prince Charles thrust her into the spotlight and under the intense scrutiny and criticism of the ever-watchful media; she became an international icon almost overnight. Such is the case with Kate Middleton who has become one of England’s most beloved public figures and a worldwide tabloid favorite. Has Kate followed in her late mother-in-law’s footsteps?

The pressure to please everyone seems to be taking its toll on Kate as she reportedly worries more about how her “condition” is affecting those around her more so than herself. She doesn’t want to let anyone down if unable to perform all of her royal duties. Is the pressure of having such a high-profile position too much for Kate to bear? What’s eating Kate Middleton, exactly?

While it is unknown how Middelton stays so trim or if she is indeed suffering from an eating disorder like Princess Diana, it has recently been rumored that Kate is expecting, and that the reason for her daily sickness is due to a rare condition that she suffered before giving birth to her first child.

The condition, Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG), is an extreme form of morning sickness that only two percent of pregnant women suffer, usually only as first-time expecting mothers. Much worse than the typical bout of morning sickness experienced by 70-80 percent of expectant mothers, this condition is accompanied by unrelenting nausea and severe bouts of vomiting causing dehydration and the inability to keep any food down; all symptoms that would explain Kate’s diminishing frame.

The Duchess of Cambridge has allegedly been extremely tired and exhausted as of late, and while the royal couple denies pregnancy rumors, could her poor health and shocking weight loss be due to HG, which can cause debilitating fatigue that can last for weeks or even months? Kate experienced this condition prior to the birth of her and Prince William’s firstborn, Prince George, so it wouldn’t be out of the question.

Kate has been keeping a rather low profile since her appearance in the St. Patrick’s Day celebration in England in March (aside from her Australia/New Zealand tour at the end of April) where she and Prince William dispelled pregnancy rumors. Since April 25, when she was last photographed at a healthy weight, Kate’s weight has plummeted to a concerning low, which would be considered a healthy weight for someone nearly one foot shorter than the Duchess. At this time, it isn’t clear why Kate has fallen ill, but it is definitely cause for concern to those in her inner circle and has sparked all of the pregnancy rumors. One thing is for sure: her condition has everyone asking: what’s eating Kate Middleton?

By: Rebecca Savastio


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