Zombies Illustrated in Pentagon Defense Plan


zombiesA recently acquired document from the Pentagon, reveals a defense plan created by the government institution that illustrates and acknowledges the threat of zombies. Foreign Policy Magazine secured a strategic defense document named CONOP 8888, more aptly referred to as “Counter-Zombie Dominance,” the document provides the framework on how the U.S. military would protect the citizens of the country from a real-life instance of The Walking Dead. 

The plan covers a wide array of different classifications of zombies including: “chicken zombies” pursuing revenge on farmers, Frankenstein-like monsters, vegan zombies, and “evil magic zombies” created from curses and/or occult rituals. The document references popular movie and TV programs that deal with the fictional monsters. The plan details protocol for non-zombie threats brought on from a “horde,” and extremely contagious viral infections as represented in 28 Days Later and World War ZThere is a clear disclaimer in the file stating that the plan was not “designed as a joke.” The worst case scenario, according to the plan, would be high “transmissibility” or contagiousness, leading to high volumes of infected individuals with little method to counter. However, a Strategic Command representative told The Daily Beast that the document has only been used as a training tool.

The Pentagon defense plan which illustrates threats from zombies, CONOP 8888, was submitted on April 30, 2011. Its creators were military personnel in Omaha, Nebraska. Foreign Policy stated that they experimented with a scenario “that could never be mistaken for a real plan” to train for a diverse selection of possible threats. The three main points are applicable to a variety of attacks, as pointed out by Business Insider: 1) protect the civilian population by keeping a defensive perimeter, 2) eradicate all possible threats, 3) provide aid to civil authorities in the restoration of law and order. The authors also stated that the creation of the plan was focused primarily on accommodating the possibility of political fallout during a disaster situation. They illustrated as well that the choice for the horror movie scenario was an effort to create a situation “that was completely impossible.” A representative from the Pentagon distanced the United States Department of Defense from the document, telling Foreign Policy that the plan was simply a “training tool” that utilizes a totally fictional scenario, and that CONOP 8888 “is not a U.S. Strategic Command Plan.”

The Pentagon are not the only ones who have created a defense plan illustrating the dangerous of an attack from zombies; The CDC (Center for Disease Control) in 2011 released “Preparedness 101,” which is a “zombie survival guide.” The CDC has always insisted, however, that they are not aware of any disease, virus, or bacteria that could “reanimate the dead.” An application titled “Map of the Dead,” utilizes Google Maps to show what areas in New York City are the most dangerous during a zombie attack, and where to acquire medical supplies. A store formerly located in Fayetteville sold equipment designed to be helpful during a zombie apocalypse, including: flashlights, instant meals, weatherproof supplies, and rope. A home located in Saranac, N.Y. brags that it is an “impenetrable” fortress against a zombie invasion.

By Andres Loubriel

NY Daily News