24 Episode 7 Bad Guys are Bad Shots (Recap/Review)

*May Contain Spoilers*

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24 Episode 7 Bad Guys are Bad Shots (Recap/Review)

Episode 7 of 24: Live Another Day, begins where episode 6 ended and by the time the show’s final credits appeared it was obvious that bad guys are bad shots. At least they are between 5:00PM and 6:00PM. Which is pretty handy considering that in this episode bad guys are practically exploding from the woodwork and all trying very hard to mess up the rescue effort by Jack Bauer and Kate Morgan.

Last week’s show ended with Simone Al-Harazi being knocked flat by a London double-decker bus. So the little girl, whose mother Simone knifed, is safe for now. Although it is fairly clear that Al-Harazi, despite mother Margot’s instructions to the contrary, did not want to kill her sister-in-law and niece.

Viewers find out this week that Simone and her brother have their own version of Mommie Dearest who did much more than beat her offspring with a coathanger. This woman had a lot more power than Joan Crawford and instead of shaped wire, she wields a drone..or six.

Margot Al-Harazi may be the closest thing to an international criminal mastermind in 24, but even she does not realise the extent of her daughter’s intent to betray her. Later in the show when Momma Al-Harazi decides to shove a drone bomb down her child’s throat, she says that after being betrayed once, Margot will not let her offspring live long enough to do it again.

Simone’s brother seems very eager to blow up sis and it is only down to this bad guys’ bad aim which results in all his shots missing the original target, that allows Simone, Bauer and Morgan to live. Of course this should come as no surprise since Margot killed the original drone “pilot” which made brother Ian Al-Harazi the “plan B” choice.

There is one surprise in the show however. The emergence of Michael Wincott’s character Adrian Cross as bad guy and CIA mole/infiltrator. Another surprise is that the lovely Benjamin Bratt, as Steve Navarro, aka, Kate Morgan’s old CIA boss who could not wait to ship her out of England, is also a bad guy.

Not only did Navarro sell Morgan up the river by implicating her husband as the guy who sold secrets to the Chinese, but, he sets up another member of staff to be killed by none other than Adrian Cross. Or rather, killed by whomever Cross sends to take the overly inquisitive CIA agent out of the equation. This would-be assassin is another bad shot, just like Ian Al-Harazi who seems incapable of hitting a moving target.

It should also be pointed out that Michael Wincott, as the stinker in the computer group who purposefully tried to trip Jack up at the Embassy, should have automatically been seen as a number one villain who is much more than a “monkey wrench in the works” type guy. Wincott always plays naughty people.

Despite the English almost completely destroying the “secret” mission by Bauer and Kate, the two manage to find out which hospital Simone is in with her intended victim. This came after the U.S. president chewed out the English P.M. One of the best scenes in the show consisted of William Devane, as President Heller, verbally ripping the English Prime Minister another rear access port. Kudos to the impeccable Stephen Fry for his superb portrayal of the pompous politician.

More words of praise should be heaped upon Devane as the American president who is fighting off either dementia or Alzheimer’s. The man has played a lot of leaders in his career and his acting chops are still more than impressive. In 24 he continues his believable portrayal of high level politicians.

While trying to persuade Simone to rat her mother out and the niece into telling where Margot is at, the matriarch of the Al-Harazi family loses her plant in the hospital and orders Ian to attack the medical facility with drone missiles.

Luckily for Simone, Jack and Kate, this bad guy has bad aim, or a tendency to shoot too quickly which causes his shots to miss the intended target. In 24 episode 7, the good guys are about a half-step ahead of Mommy Al-Harazi and her drone flying son. While Jack’s computer expert gal pal Chloe O’Brien has yet to learn that Adrian Cross should change his name to Double; at least in terms of his dealings with the CIA, the rest of the team need to rush and try to save Simone who will be deposited in traitor Steve Navarro’s CIA lair. Will she live long enough to deliver Mommy Dearest to the feds or will her niece be the one to give Grandma up?

By Michael Smith