Dark Model Underground Examinations Music Review

Underground Examinations: Dark Model

Tatsuya Oe Dark Model

As the world continues to experiment with music, new genres and sub-genres emerge in many different ways. The self titled album from Dark Model officially released less than a month ago (May 16) and features a total of 16 tracks. The album uses each new opportunity to try and tell a story, does Dark Model succeed in telling a vocaless story or do these tales need some support?

Dark Model is a project created by Tatsuya Oe, also known as DJ Captain Funk. He has been creating music since the 90’s and plays a large array of different instruments. However, most know him for his mastery over music production and composition. He has been making music for commercials, video games, movies and more with exceptional skill for more than a dozen years. Tatsuya Oe has worked with prestigious artist such as James Brown and Chic and as such has earned the title of “Remix Wizard.” Some of you may already recognize a track from Dark Model because it was part of the introduction of the 2013 movie Elysium.

Where exactly is Dark Model on the spectrum of music? With someone that uses so many different styles, inspirations, and instruments, it is not easy to place. For starters, Dark Model is dramatic, it is epic, and it is moving. Placed somewhere between Electronic Dance Music and Atmospheric, Dark Model creates an aura that is strong,  progressive, but also classical. Many tracks feel as though they need to be accompanying something huge, like an I Am Legend reboot trailer or reaching the top of a mountain after jogging for a number of exausting hours. Dark Model merges the past with the present to tell an epic story time and time again.

One of the most impressive feats Dark Model exhibits is the immediate transition a track can go through. Track 12 Judgement Day begins with a single insturment that sets the foundation as other instruments join in. Each new piece changes the feeling of the track until the one minute mark, where the track picks up. The electronic sounds transform the almost classical piece into something bold, heavy, and exhilarating. Then, just as it seems the song will climax, everything drops out except for ambiance and piano. The feeling left over is powerful even without all the instruments, it is as though Dark Model was not building up to a musical climax, but a reflection of equal power.

How does Dark Model set the mood? Usually by creating a foundation with a single instrument (such as piano) and then adding onto it with varied styles to create something bigger and bigger. In it’s structure, Dark Model harnesses the strength of orchestral and classical storytelling to bridge the gap between to Electronic Dance Music for an experience that is nothing less than epic.

Dark Model Underground Examinations Music Review

Tatsuya Oe has created an album that many different music fans can enjoy. Whether they are attracted to dubstep, classical, EDM, or something else, Dark Model gathers so many different elements and finds a way to combine them into something monumental and dramatic. This music could be played during a movie trailer, a workout, a relaxing bath, it is truly up to the listener. The skill demonstrated in this collection of tracks can not be ignored because Tatsuya Oe has a spectacular understanding of what he wants to do with each piece. Interestingly enough, the lack of vocals in the album is something that helps to bring everyone together while the instruments tell a story.

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Dark Model
Tatsuya Oe

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