Heroes of Cosplay Episode 10 Wizard World Con (Recap/Review)

*May Contain Spoilers*

Heroes of Cosplay Episode 10 Wizard World Con (Recap/Review)

Heroes of Cosplay, episode 10 is all about preparation for and attending Wizard World Con at Portland. The show focuses on Chloe, Meg, Katie, Yaya, Rikki and Chloe’s friend, co-star and co-producer on Bite Size show Chaotic Awesome, Michele Morrow. Michele is a complete novice in the world of cosplay and Chloe and Meg are both helping her to adjust to this new experience.

At the beginning of the show Meg is a guest on Chloe and Michele’s program on BITESIZE TV, Chaotic Awesome. The three begin talking cosplay and Portland’s Wizard World, when Chloe mentions that she has never competed with Meg and it is then decided that the three women will compete as a group for the Portland event. Later they decide to go as 1950’s versions Batman villains, Poison Ivy, Catwoman, and Harley Quinn.

Meanwhile, Rikki has decided to have a go at Ashe from League of Legends which she had wanted to do in episode 8 at the Ottawa Con. At that time the weather was not conducive to crafting the integral part of her costume, the bow. Katie has decided to go as Wonder Woman from the Justice League. Interestingly enough, both have decided to include a part of their outfit that glows. Rikki’s bow will glow an “icy” blue and Katie’s “lasso of truth” will glow yellow/gold.

Yaya will be judging at the Wizard World Con in episode 10 of Heroes of Cosplay and she, as usual, sets the tone with her Bat Woman costume. Just like every episode of this fascinating world, viewers are let into the process behind the competition. Chloe gets with her Star Wars FX guru father and Mythbusters friend Grant Imahara to work on her animatronic Poison Ivy flowers.

The theme of this SyFy reality show thus far has been, “whatever can go wrong will go wrong, often at the most inconvenient moment.” This episode was no different. Each of the three contestants, counting Chloe, Meg, and Michele as one, encounter problems with their costumes and all have the common theme of electricity as an issue.

Chloe’s animatronic flower heads have one casualty with an unhinged jaw which stops the electric servo from working. Rikki’s bow and its batteries die at the last possible minute and Katie’s lasso also has battery problems just before going on stage.

Rikki, who saved both Chloe’s group and Katie, has no cavalry to ride in and save her when she needs it. Although Katie offers up her less than full battery pack Rikki opts to have her place moved back in the competition queue in order to recharge her batteries.

Sadly, when it can be put off no longer, Rikki must go on stage with her Ashe bow unlit.

Unlike other episodes the heroes this week all walk away from the competition with something. Even Rikki with her “dark” bow, gets an honorable mention. Katie opines that if the Ashe’s bow had glowed, her Wonder Woman would not have done so well.

In Heroes of Cosplay, episode 10 it felt odd to not have Holly and Jessica compete at the Portland Wizard World Con. Presumably they are getting ready to judge the Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con on June 20 through 22. The Guardian Liberty Voice will be at the three day event and will hopefully get to have a chat with the two heroes.

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