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Hollywood Walk of Fame Honors Pharrell and Pitbull



Another accomplishment for Pharrell Williams and Pitbull as the two are the latest to be honored on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The two international stars have become household names for their chart-topping contributions to music. This past year alone, Williams has been linked to some of the most addictive and infectious chart-topping singles, including Happy, Get Lucky, Move that Dope, and more. Pitbull latest contribution to music Timber featuring Ke$ha has plagues the radio stations and quickly moved to the top of the charts.

The two Hollywood Walk of Fame honorees are joined by television personality Kelly Ripa, 70s’ band Kool and the Gang, Al Schmitt, producer Dr. Luke, and more for 2015’s Walk of Fame for their contributions to the entertainment industry. Most known for their nationwide success and notoriety, Pharrell Williams and Pitbull careers have been filled with a series of accomplishments.

Virginia Beach native Pharrell Williams became a household named from producing some of the greatest hits of the century. His works with Britney Spears for Boys and Slave 4 U, Snoop Dogg for Beautiful and Drop It Like It’s Hot, and many more have garnered him well-deserved recognition in the music industry. For over 20 years, the 41-year-old has been involved in music, fashion (Ice Cream, Billionaire Boys Club, and Adidas), and producing. Williams has received seven Grammys, a slew of awards, and created hit tracks that span across multiple genres of music. His induction onto the Hollywood boulevard is well deserved, along with his fellow honorees.

Pitbull is just as fortunate to make the list of inductees onto the boulevard that will span for longer than a lifetime. The iconic placement is cements the international star into American history. The journey to make it this far in his career was not as smooth and easy as other stars. Gaining fame from his feature on Lil Jon’s King of Crunk in 2002, the 33 year-old, Miami-bred rapper quickly became well-known on the billboard charts. His mix of Spanish raps and English lyrics over a club, dance beat easily made every one of his singles reach a placement on the Billboard charts and in people’s playlist. With over seven albums and two early projects, the Cuban-American emcee is has broken through the color barriers to become a well-known emcee.

The Hollywood Walk of Fame induction of Pharrell Williams and Pitbull as honorees is just another example of the influence and diversity that the entertainment industry incorporates. The Chair of the Walk of Fame, Maureen Schultz states that the selections represent the best of the entertainment industry and a great addition for fans to commemorate every year. This milestone in their careers further cements the international stars in pop-culture history and show the impact the two have had on the music industry.

Although the boulevard may not be the most well-kept street, it is still a national treasure. To be honored on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for Pitbull and Pharrell Williams is a milestone in their and any artists’, actors’, or producers’ career that show the power that hard-work, creativity, and determination have in American culture.

By Tyler Cole

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