Lana Del Rey Boyfriend Insists They Are Still Together

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Lana Del Rey’s boyfriend has insisted they are still together, despite Rey’s statement to the contrary. The man informed a photographer hired by popular celebrity gossip site TMZ that all was well and good between him and the popular singer.

Barrie-James O’Neill, who is the former frontman of Scottish alternative folk rock band Kassidy, told said photographer that they should not necessarily believe everything they read. This was in regards to comments Del Rey made to a German-language Swiss paper, 20 Minuten surrounding her relationship with O’Neill. In the interview, she gave the statement that although she still feels that her ex-partner is a wonderful person, she feels as though there are personal issues he needs to resolve before committing to a stable relationship. She also voiced her opinion that she never felt that she had legitimate freedom in the relationship. The 28-year-old star went on to confirm that, in her view, she and O’Neill were no longer together at that current point in time due to aforementioned reasons.

In a recent interview with a popular British newspaper, she referred to the relationship between herself and O’Neill as a “difficult road.” She also referred to the man as one of the darkest people she had ever met, and referred to jokes made between her and O’Neill that the both of them should have found simpler counterparts.

The latter statement made by the two-time BRIT award winner posed a potential explanation regarding her recent references to her feelings towards death, which she made in an interview conducted earlier this month. The singer voiced her wish that she was dead already, causing an uproar of concern for her well-being, as well as discontent from those who feel that feeling out of sorts is no legitimate reason for making light of dying and other death related concepts.

The latter group includes Francis Bean Cobain, daughter of late rock and roll legend Kurt Cobain. The 21-year-old publicly called out Del Rey for her comments via Twitter, voicing her opinion that death was not something to be taken lightly or used in a satirical or joking manner. Cobain referred to losing her father at the age of two, when he took his own life at the age of 27, with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. Del Rey, whose birth name is Elizabeth Woolridge Grant, has said that the aforementioned comments were taken out of context in said interview, and has since voiced her regret in trusting the interviewer. She has given the statement that said interviewer claimed to be a fan, but in actuality used the singer’s comments against her to gain public notoriety.

Del Rey and O’Neill were together for three years. Earlier this year, rumors surrounding an alleged engagement between the two circulated after the Summertime Sadness hitmaker was seen sporting a large diamond ring. However, these rumors were never confirmed.

It is unclear, as of yet, whether or not the comments made by O’Neill have any substantial merit. Further, neither Lana Del Rey or her representatives have yet to comment on the matter.

by Rebecca Grace

US Weekly
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