Running Wild With Bear Grylls: 48 Hours With Zac Efron [Review & Video]

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On the premiere episode of Running Wild With Bear Grylls, adventurist and survivalist Bear Grylls takes Zac Efron on a trip to the Catskill Mountains and spends 48 hours with him in the adventure of Efron’s life. Each week, he will take a different celebrity to a different part of America or the world. Zac Efron, whose  movies have grossed over a billion dollars, will be the first celebrity that Grylls takes into a remote area of the world to have a two-day adventure.

Bear Grylls said at the start of the episode: “If you think you know Zac Efron, think again.”

Zac says he “doesn’t know what to expect,” but he is up for the adventure, though he “feels a little nervous.”

While Zac looks at a beaver swimming in the water, above him is a helicopter, with Bear Grylls aboard. Bear tells Zac to “put on your jacket.” They both take off again in the helicopter. Bear asks him to remember to “pull the ripcord.”

Zac says “Where’s the ripcord?”

When they get above their intended destination, Zac parachutes off first, followed shortly after by Bear Grylls.  They descend over a heavily forested area of the Catskill Mountains.

Upon landing, Bear says “Good jump, Zac!”

“100 percent pure adrenalin,” Zac says.

“The plan is we basically have got 14 miles to cover,” Bear tells Zac. Bear asks him if he had ever gone camping as a child; Zac answers “Yes, but we usually stayed on the trails.”

Going into the wilds with Bear, Zac admits, “was sort of a bet I had with my dad.”

They come to a cliff and decide to rappel down. At the bottom, Zac Efron says “That was legit. That was for real.”

Bear says “The truth is, we’re really just easing Zac into it.” As they sit and eat a snack, Bear interviews Zac, asking him questions about how he started out in the show business. Zac compared the rush he got when the curtain came up and he would perform to how he felt when he rappelled.

They came to another, taller, cliff with a waterfall. Zac starts down the cliff side first. He sees an animal he thinks at first is a rabbit, but then he says “It’s not a rabbit.”

What Zac has found is a dead groundhog. Bear tells him “You never know; it might be quite fresh.” He has Zac open it up and smell it. Bear says: “You know what — that is bad.” Zac washes his hands and they keep on moving.

“You know what the best way to get rid of smell is? Mud,” Bear says. He and Zac rub mud on their hands to get rid of the worse of the smell of the dead animal.

Zac finds a few eggs in a nest and they add some worms they dig up to the menu.  “Remember to chew it up all the way,” Bear tells him, as Zac tries one of the worms.

“It tastes like dirt,” Zac tells him.

They have eggs, they have worms; “Now, it’s time to make camp,” Bear says.

They locate a small cave that they will spend the night in and then get to building a campfire. Bear uses foil paper and two battery terminals and they soon have a fire going the very first try. Bear makes an omelette, including using the shells, which have “Vitamins and minerals in them,” according to Bear.

“I’m not going to sugar-coat it,” Bear tells Zac. “I think this meal is going to be one that will suck.”

“I love the eggshell. It gives it a little crunch,” Bear tells Zac.

Bear interviews Zac Efron a bit more, asking him about when he entered rehab. Zac tells him that wherever he would go, “there would be press there.” He would take drugs as “a social lubricant.” He came to rely upon them more and more, but he says he never wants to take anything like that again.

“Well done today,” Bear tells him. Zac wakes up, saying that bear is asleep and it was a long day, “but it will be an even longer one tomorrow.”

It was a cold night. Bear is making “fern tea.” “Yeah, there’s ferns in it,” Zac says when he tastes it and gets bits of fern in his mouth.

Then, Zac and Bear go across a rope over a ravine. Zac is clinging to the rope, pulling himself along on his belly. “Good advice not to look down, as well,” Bear tells him. Grylls sends the backpacks across via rope.

Bear’s Tip of the Week is to always have parachute cord with you, as it can be used for so many things.

Back from a commercial break, Zac is again crawling along on the rope  back across her ravine. He flips over for a tense few seconds, but manages to right himself. “I love it. I love it,” Bear tells him.

“You have a good control of your fear,” Bear tells him. “It will serve you well. That’s what I’ve really noticed about you.” Zac Efron tells him that every time he has had to try out for a role, he has had to face his fears.

They come to the tallest cliff side yet, about 140 feet up, with another waterfall. Zac calls it “a deathtrap.” This is where the famous video that has taken the Internet by storm came from, which shows the two men taking off their shirts and rappelling down the side of the cliff.

After another commercial break, Running Wild With Bear Grylls comes back and Bear tells him the water “is only five or six feet deep. That would be a messy end.” But, they have to get down the cliff to get to their extraction point.

“I’ve got a great way to make us get committed to this,” Bear tells Zac. He and Zac Efron take off their shirts, put them in the backpacks, which Bear flings off of the cliff into the water below. They rappel down side-by-side. The end of the rope does not come to the top of the water, so they will have to drop down into it from a height of maybe six feet.

“This is like camping gone crazy,” Zac says at the bottom of the cliff when they are in the water.

“Zac, he’s just a cool guy,” Bear says. “He’s a genuine, humble team player. For me, that’s what speaks the loudest.” Next Monday, Bear Grylls will take comedian Ben Stiller out for a two-day adventure.

Running Wild With Bear Grylls is a six-episode series. The first episode, featuring actor Zac Efron spending 48 hours with Bear Grylls in the wilderness, was pretty cool. This show definitely has what it takes to do well in the ratings. Besides Ben Stiller, other celebrities who will be in different episodes include Channing Tatum, Deon Sanders and Tom Arnold. Bear Grylls gave Zac Efron all the adventure that he could ask for and more during the 48-hour adventure in the Catskill Mountains.

Written By Douglas Cobb

Running Wild With Bear Grylls “Don’t Look Down!”

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