Dwayne Johnson’s Mother in Horrific Car Crash

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s mother was involved in a horrific car crash earlier this week when her car was hit head on by a drunk driver. Johnson’s cousin was also in the vehicle at the time. Although the damage was significant, both victims survived.

Johnson took to social media to post a picture detailing the aftermath of the crash, which contained both totaled cars as well as an ambulance and emergency personnel on site. The wreckage of Ata Maivia-Johnson’s vehicle appears to be that of the Escalade her son bought her in 2012. His cousin, Lina Fanene, uploaded a picture of Johnson visiting her in the hospital after the crash, with both of them looking in high spirits. The injuries sustained by the two women remained undisclosed.

Johnson tweeted his anger at the person who caused the crash and expressed his wishes to find the person. He also stated that anger and revenge were not the most important things following the incident. He went on to say his family’s survival and future recovery were what needed to be focused on at the current time. The actor and former professional wrestler says that although this event was a horrible thing for his family to go through, it has made them realize that every day is precious and to appreciate each other as much as possible.

Born in California, Johnson came from a long line of wrestlers. Both his father and his maternal grandfather were wrestlers, although only his father competed professionally. His maternal grandmother, Lia Maivia, was one of the few female professional promoters in wrestling. His cousins and uncles were also wrestlers. Johnson played football in college, almost making a career of the sport until he sustained a heavy injury that prevented him from further pursuing it. He graduated from the University of Miami in 1995 with a Bachelor’s degree in General Studies in Criminology and Physiology.

In 1996, Johnson began training to become a professional wrestler, a career that his father was initially reluctant to support. He agreed to allow it only if he was allowed to organize his son’s training. A year later, he debuted as Rocky Maivia, a name that resulted from the combination of his father and grandfather’s ring name. His first major success was becoming the sole survivor of an eight-man elimination tag match entitled Survivor Series.

Although he went on to win several more competitions, it took many years before Johnson was accepted by wrestling fans. Initially, spectators would chant death wishes and shout ill-mannered comments at him while he was in the ring. By the early 2000’s however, Johnson had become both a household name and a fan favorite in the wrestling community. He has been in and out of retirement since the mid 2000’s, ranging from short hiatus to competing professionally.

He began his foray into acting in The Mummy Returns, in which he had a brief cameo. Since then, he has landed lead roles in such children’s films as Race To Witch Mountain and The Tooth Fairy. He has also appeared on several Disney channel series, including Wizards of Waverly Place and Cory In The House.

The person responsible for the crash involving Johnson’s mother and cousin has yet to be identified. However, Johnson continues to express his wishes that this person come forward and help repair the damage they have caused to his family.

By Rebecca Grace

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