Ferguson Riots an Act of God Says Church ‘God Hates Missouri’

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Ferguson Riots an Act of God Says Westboro Church ‘God Hates Missouri’The well-known Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) believes God is to blame for Ferguson riots surrounding the death of Michael Brown. WBC maintains these riots are not an issue of race; instead they are about Missouri’s disobedience to God. The church intends to picket a number of areas around this locality with their main message being repent or perish. WBC has long been known for its extreme ideologies and has been widely described as nothing short of a hate group.

Westboro Baptist Church is headquartered on the west side of Topeka and was established by the late Fred Phelps who recently died in March. The church which had its first public service in 1955 has been involved in numerousFerguson Riots an Act of God Says Westboro Church ‘God Hates Missouri’ protests and as such is monitored by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and Anti-Defamation League. They maintain that any church that teaches God loves everyone and Jesus died for everyone does not believe the Bible and is deceiving people with their lies.

WBC is no stranger to daily protests and demonstrations and has strongly opposed the homosexual lifestyle for more than 20 years. They have gone so far as to conduct anti-gay protests at military funerals, celebrity funerals and other public events. They are known by their large and colorful signs which display phrases such as:

God hates f**s, Thank God for AIDS, F**s burn in hell, AIDS cures f**s, F**s doom nations, God hates America, Thank God for dead soldiers, God blew up the troops, America is doomed, F**s are nature freaks, etc.

WBC has emphatically stated, the “mess created in Ferguson is God’s judgment.” The church believes the time for Missouri’s warning has nearly expired and God is now punishing the state for “flipping him the middle finger.” The Ferguson Riots an Act of God Says Westboro Church ‘God Hates Missouri’current crisis will not be the end to God’s punishment; there is nothing left for Missourians but a fearful looking for of his judgment.

According to their website they have several protests set up for August 19, 2014. One in particular is the Capitol Building where their main focus is Missouri’s Governor Jay Nixon. As WBC outlines this protest they blatantly state “Ferguson is burning and rioting in the streets as a result of their disobedience to God and God is now showing you.” Here are the hateful words found on their website in its entirety:

For years @WBCSays has warned Missouri to put away your bestiality, idolatry, fornication, adultery, and sodomy. Under the express tutelage of your evil governor, @GovJayNixon, you have waxed worse. You did everything in your power to try to silence WBC, instead of being thankful for our kind pleas that you stop your proud sinning. You brag on being the ‘Show Me’ state. Well, God is showing you! One calamity after another! Ferguson is burning; rioting in the streets; cowardly police officers; muckraking media; and a lying Beast President @BarackObama spinning smoothing lying words of false peace (before he goes and plays a round of golf; he’s mocking you hillbilly fools!).


This is not a race issue. This is a disobedience issue! God is dealing with you, Missouri. You still have the breath of life by God’s mercy & can still repent. Gov. Nixon can still call for a statewide day of mourning for your sins. That is your only hope. You keep fighting God? You will fail. God will not change; His standard of no sodomy will not change; and He will deal with you in His great wrath. You can’t pass enough laws to fix this mess you’ve made! Humble yourself before the mighty hand of God. #RepentOrPerish GOD HATES MISSOURI!

The Jefferson City Police Department has prepared for potential pickets by the Westboro Baptist Church at various locations in the city Tuesday. The police department has spoken with other area law enforcement to ensure the protests remain peaceful and safe for both Westboro Baptist protesters and counter-protesters.

The church says they will protest at the Capitol Building today in a stance against Missouri Governor Jay Nixon. According to Westboro Baptist Church God, the riots in Ferguson are an “Act of God” for their mass disobedience to his warnings. The events surrounding the death of unarmed Michael Brown are not an issue of race; instead it is God’s response to Missouri’s continued disobedience to God.

By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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