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Getting around in India by road or airplane is not always the most convenient option and the best way to travel through the country is by luxury train. Flight connections are sometimes difficult in India and on top of that, with recent news of sexual assaults on both local or visiting women, travel by train is not only more comfortable and relaxed, but also that much safer and secure.

Relax on The Golden Chariot luxury train in India

There is so much to see in this vast and fascinating land and with such a choice of destinations, one of the best luxury trains to book is The Golden Chariot.

This luxurious train looks more like the top hotel inside and takes the visitor through the southern Indian region of Karnataka, popular for its extraordinary temples, including the complex at Hampi.

The journey on The Golden Chariot begins in Bangalore and travels through to the historical Temple cities including Mamallapuram, Kanchipuram, Tiruchirapalli, Thanjavur and Madurai. The train heads to the beaches of Kovalam where guests will be taken on a boat ride through the Backwaters, with waving palm trees, to Kochi, a port city situated on the Arabian Sea. Once the train trip is over, passengers return to Bangalore.

In the luxuriously appointed dining car, passengers can enjoy both Indian and international cuisine, fine wines and all the trimmings along with a bar to enjoy the best wines and other spirits of the world.

To highlight the fact that luxury India travel is best by train, the Golden Chariot can be seen in more detail in the video below:

Other more developed regions are fascinating too, including Rajasthan, which can be visited on the luxurious Maharajas Express. Running since 2010, Maharajas Express is considered to be the most luxurious train in India. The train offers five different options of travel through the varied landscapes of India, showing more of its culture and heritage, all the while in sheer comfort.

Maharaja Express – luxury train in India.

As its name implies, the train has been designed in such a way as to reflect the elegance of the past Maharajas, offering a five star living experience along the way. The train has two restaurants, Mayur Mahal and Rang Mahal, offering both local and international cuisine.

The Safari Bar offers a wide selection of wines and spirits from all over the world and there is an en-suite bar called the Rajah Club which has a good selection of board games for passengers to play.

Among other locations, passengers visit the iconic Taj Mahal (pictured at the top of this article), Jodhpur and Jaipur, although with the Ranthambore National Park where tigers can be found.

Guest cabin on The Golden Chariot, luxury train in India

The guest cabins tend to be a little small, but are comfortable and very pleasantly furnished and even come with a WiFi connection to catch up with online friends.

A cabin attendant is available in each coach and is there to assist at any time.

On the Maharajas Express, each luxurious cabin offers Live TV with both satellite channels and also a DVD player, along with direct dial phones.

The following video shows best how the Maharahas Express train offers the pleasure of luxury travel through India

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