Shakira Pregnant With Second Child

Latina superstar Shakira is pregnant with her second child. The 37-year-old broke the news in an interview with Cosmopolitan México.

In the interview, Shakira was asked to address the rumors that she was sporting another baby bump. She wasted no time in confirming the news, going on to express her excitement at having a second child. She says she is looking forward to providing her 19-month-old son with a new baby brother or sister. Her son Milan was born in January of 2013, in Barcelona. The singer has embraced motherhood immensely since having her first child, being regularly seen with her son in her arms and a smile on her face. She has stated that her and her long-time partner, Gerard Piqué, make their best efforts to bring Milan with them whenever they travel. Shakira said in an interview with Ocean Drive magazine that motherhood completely changed her outlook on life, and that there are many things she views differently now that she is a parent. The most siginificant of them, she says, is the future and what the world will be like for her son growing up.

One of the most recent public appearances Shakira and her son shared together was at the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, which she attended with Piqué. She later gushed about the importance of the event, having met her partner at the 2010 World Cup. The two met while she was in South Africa to promote the Cup’s anthem, Waka Waka – Time for Africa. She expressed how incredibly grateful she was for that opportunity, as without it she would not have met her future partner and her son would not have been born.

The World Cup is also a meaningful event for Piqué, who is a Spanish professional soccer player. He plays the position center-back for FC Barcelona and the national team of Spain. The 27-year-old’s soccer skills seemed to have rubbed off on his son, who was recently filmed kicking a soccer ball in a video recorded for charity. Piqué has not yet released a statement regarding how he feels concerning the news of their second child.

The relationship between Shakira and Piqué raised some eyebrows when she gave an interview saying that her partner would no longer allow her to make provocative music videos with men, so she had to make them with women. She also referred to the man as territorial. The comment came after the release of the singer’s raunchy music video with Barbados superstar Rihanna, in which the two were in extremely close company. Many of her fans began voicing their worries that the singer was potentially being controlled and told what to do by Piqué, a concern the singer later shrugged off and said was simply untrue. She referred to her earlier comments as a joke, and went on to clarify that she no longer wished to make intimate music videos with men either. She finished the interview by referring to their relationship as one with an equal balance of power, stating that it contains the perfect amount of give and take and that they make all their decisions together.

It is not yet known whether Shakira’s new baby will be a boy or a girl. However, the singer has expressed her immense excitement and happiness at being pregnant again.

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