‘Apparently Kid’ Noah Ritter Does Adorable First Commercial [Video]

apparently kid

apparently kid

Noah Ritter became an internet sensation while doing an interview on his local news channel, which earned him the nickname the “Apparently Kid,” and now this adorable little man has done his first commercial. The 5-year-old stole the nation’s hearts after his interview went viral – an interview in which the word he used the most during filming was “apparently.” The interview revolved around an amusement park, and young Noah was asked how he liked a certain ride. However, he took over the direction of the interview in his excitement over being on live TV for the first time. This interview video has been viewed over five million times, and went viral almost as soon as it hit social media.

Ritter garnered national attention once he captured the heart of one of the nation’s most prominent talk show hosts, Ellen DeGeneres. The multi-talented DeGeneres flew the budding star and his grandfather out to the show, for his first ever appearance on a talk show. His adorable personality was larger than life, as he explained how he is “over” the word apparently. He let DeGeneres know that his new favorite word is “seriously,” although that was the only time he used it during the entire interview. The little show stealer went on to talk about kindergarten, and how his 10 hour day felt like 10 years, and how the bus should park at his house so he would not have to walk to the bus stop. He captured the hearts of the audience from the minute he sat down and waved excitedly at his grandfather, and it only got better from there.

The adorable 5-year-old also did an interview with the hosts of Good Morning America, via a video call. The Apparently Kid admitted to Michael Strahan that he used to be a Giants fan, Strahan’s old team, but his grandfather brainwashed him into being a Steelers fan. He stole the hearts of the crew when he disclosed that he had brainwashed himself into liking dinosaurs. That was followed by the question of what he wanted to be when he grew up, and adorable Noah emphatically stated that he was going to be a paleontologist.

With live TV and his first talk show under his belt it was only natural that a commercial would be next on the agenda. The video below shows that the Apparently Kid is back and better than ever, in his Fresh Pet ad. The YouTube video was posted just three days ago, already has over two million views, and has become yet another viral video for the kindergarten power-house.

Fresh Pet founders were very smart indeed to enlist the help of the Apparently Kid in promoting their product, and as the product is pet food, adding in puppies made this a sure-fire hit. This little boy has real presence on-screen, and even acknowledges his nickname, and the comments are almost as amusing as the clip itself. Many of young Noah’s fans are predicting that he will one day be the next YouTube sensation, although with pages of videos already found when searching for Apparently Kid, one day may be sooner than fans might think.

by Kristi Cereska

Times Leader
ABC News