Barack Obama Says Ray Rice Is Not a Real Man

United States President Barack Obama has given a statement that he believes disgraced NFL player Ray Rice is not a real man, due to the violent attack he was involved in with his then-fiancée back in February. The comment was made shortly after Rice was cut from the Baltimore Ravens following a video of the incident being leaked onto popular gossip website TMZ.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest was the official representative behind the President’s statement, detailing the leader of America’s view that real men do not hit women under any circumstances, whether it is in public or behind closed doors. He says that Obama, especially as the father of two teenage girls, abhors domestic violence in any way, shape or form, and is of the opinion that more Americans should view it as the troublesome epidemic that it is among today’s society. Obama reportedly gave his view that to some, the current happenings in the sport of football appear to be more important than the violent act committed against Rice’s fiancée. He believes that the American public as a whole must take on the responsibility of stopping domestic violence altogether.

The video in question details an altercation between Rice and Janay Palmer in an elevator at the Revel Hotel and Casino, located in Atlantic City. The dispute began shortly after the two entered the lift, and the video shows that Rice was the first to strike. Palmer then retaliated, which was followed by the ex-NFL player delivering a blow that sent the woman flying into the elevator’s hand rail, on which she hit her head and was subsequently knocked out cold. Upon the elevator doors opening, Rice is shown to be dragging the woman out of the lift and into the hotel itself. The hotel in question closed its business down permanently following the incident. The two did not split up following the incident as many expected they would have, but instead got married one month later.

This is not the first time that Obama has given his opinion regarding high-profile entertainment topics of interest. In 2009, the President released a statement expressing his view that rapper Kanye West was a “jacka**,” following West’s hijacking of a then 19-year-old Taylor Swift’s award for Best Music Video of the Year at MTV VMAs.  West stormed onto the stage during Swift’s acceptance speech, taking the microphone and stating that he felt the award should have been given to Beyonce instead, as he believed she had the best video of all time for her hit song Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It.) He has also expressed his disdain for the reality show on which West’s wife Kim Kardashian stars, entitled Keeping Up With The Kardashians. The President has publicly expressed his opinion that the Kardashians are not good role models for American society, an opinion which Kim Kardashian reportedly scoffed at, stating that the nation’s leader has no discernible right to comment on such matters.

It remains to be seen how Ray Rice will respond regarding Barack Obama’s recent comments regarding his domestic violence dispute. Neither he nor his representatives have yet given any statement on the matter.

By Rebecca Grace

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