Facebook Defends Privacy-Violating Messenger App

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Facebook has defended its Messenger App, which some people complain is violating privacy. To be able to use the app, users have to give permission for it to use the camera and microphone. There are others concerned that it offers access to the phone’s address book.

However, users could be unnecessarily complaining. While the app does ask for permission for all of these, many other apps that users have do the same thing. They need to so that users get the experience they deserve. Without access to these parts of the phone, the app would not be able to allow people to take photos and send to friends. They would also not access the call feature on the app.

Many users have complained that Facebook has decided to remove the messenger function through the original app. They have been forced to download yet another app if they want to continue chatting to friends through private messages. However, that is certainly not the case. Users can access the messenger through their desktop computer as usual. When on a mobile device, they can go to the social media site through the internet browser and chat as normal.

Now people want to know why they even have to download a new app. Why bother wasting time and space on a phone? Facebook officials have defended their Messenger App, which does not violate anybody’s privacy.

According to a statement, the Messenger App allows people to receive and reply to messages quicker and easier. The messages appear straight on the phone’s home screen as a little pop-up, so people see they have a message and who it is from right away. According to data, the response rate is 20 percent quicker with the app rather than using any other method.

There is also the ability to speak within groups through the app. Users will also be able to make calls and send images or videos quickly and easily.

The terms of service for using the Messenger App are no different to those for the main app. However, users likely downloaded the original app so long ago that they have forgotten; or they know that the app for their phones is much easier than going into Facebook through their internet browsers.

The terms of service are not even than much different to many other messenger-style apps. The apps need permission to use cameras and microphones for full functionality. The difference could be that this is Facebook, and people like to complain about the lack of privacy on this social media site. If people were really that bothered, they would stop using the site completely and encourage their friends to use something different.

This app is not going to make the social media giant act like a spy. Cameras and microphones will not be turned on without someone’s knowledge. The officials at the social media site confirmed that a user would be asked for permission each time, even though consent had already been given when downloading it. Facebook has defended it non-privacy-violating Messenger App.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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