Katy Perry Has Dinner Date With Harry Styles?


Katy Perry was seen exiting a Malibu restaurant just minutes after One Direction member Harry Styles, and reports are circulating that they were possible on a dinner date together. Although nothing has yet been confirmed, an alleged eyewitness claims that although the two came and left separately, they most certainly ate dinner together and had a good time at that.

The reported eyewitness in question told popular gossip website HollywoodLife that they most definitely saw the two pop stars enjoying a meal together at the world-renown Japanese restaurant’s Malibu location, giving the statement that they were both smiling, laughing, and appearing to be experiencing a very good time in each other’s company. The source said Perry and Styles appeared to be quite good friends and that it looked as though this was not their first occasion spent together.

There is much speculation circulating the internet that the 29-year-old’s possible outing with the Styles is the latest jab in what has become an extremely highly publicized feud between her and newly minted pop singer Taylor Swift, who dated Styles in early 2013. The drama between the two has slowly been brewing all summer, after Swift mentioned to Rolling Stone magazine that she had a frenemy of sorts in the entertainment industry, someone she never knew if they were close or actually hated each other. She went on to detail how this individual attempted to hired members of her Red tour crew from right under her, trying to convince them to work on the other celebrity’s current tour instead. It was later revealed that this fellow entertainer was none other than Perry herself, who reportedly made many efforts to bring said crew back to her own team, as they had formerly performed on Perry’s previous tour. It was at that point, Swift recalled to Rolling Stone, that she knew the two were not friends in any way whatsoever. She went on to say that the California native would insult her in private and then publicly praise her when asked if the two had a close friendship. In response to Swift revealing the details of their alleged conflict, the Part of Me singer took to Twitter to post a message warning her followers to watch out for the “Regina George” in sheep’s clothing, a pop culture dig stemming from the immensely popular 2004 film Mean Girls. One of the tracks on Swift’s upcoming album 1984, entitled Bad Blood, is said to be about her relationship with Perry.

If rumors of the dinner date do turn out to be true, it will not be the first time the two singers have been involved with the same man. They both famously dated folk singer John Mayer, and both relationships did not end on a positive note. Swift dated Mayer in early 2010, when she was 21 and he 32. Their relationship fell apart shortly after it began, and Swift penned the song Dear John in reference to their short companionship. Mayer has since called the Pennsylvania born singer out on what he feels was blatant humiliation and sharing of private information, something Swift says she has absolutely no regrets from doing. Perry began dating Mayer shortly after her split from British comedian Russell Brand, from whom she divorced in 2012. Her relationship with Mayer reportedly ended due to allegations of infidelity on his part, something Mayer has made quite a name for over the years in terms of his romances with female celebrities.

It remains to be seen whether or not Katy Perry and Harry Styles were, in fact, on a dinner date on Thursday night. Neither one has yet given any statement regarding the matter.

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