Kim Kardashian and the Truth About Kanye and North

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Kim Kardashian Kanye West

Just when the world thought that Kanye West was the brains behind absolutely everything genius, Kim Kardashian spills the beans about baby North. It seems that the truth about baby North and that name is that Kanye West is not the one that came up with it and neither did Kim Kardashian for that matter.

According to an interview Kim had done with GQ magazine, the reality star told the truth about baby North and just exactly where did the awesome name come from. Apparently the name North was being thrown around by social media and neither Kardashian or West were the ones who came up with it. While out at lunch, Kim reveals that Pharrell Williams had walked up to the couple and asked if they were in fact going to call their baby North. Pharrell went on to say that how he thought it was the best name ever.

To seal the deal, not that either Kim or Kanye are followers, Anna Wintour approached the couple as well and wanted to know if indeed the rumors of the name North were true. Once Vogue editor Wintour agreed that the name was fabulous, well, the rest is history.

So does this make Kanye nd Kim the biggest internet junkies on the planet or what? The truth about North and Kanye does not stop there. If anyone was pondering if Kanye is truly a control freak and if the rapper actual does dress his wife, the answer was set in stone the other night at the GQ Awards.

The couple was in attendance, of course, because Kim had won The Woman of the Year award much to the dismay of many. It was on the red carpet when Kanye bent down and fixed Kardashian’s dress for a photo. So it proves that West is also his wife’s personal stylist and it looks like West is already controlling baby North’s fashion sense.

In an interview with Elle magazine Kim had said that North does not like prints or pink. Keep in mind, baby North is like one-year-old…surely the cute thing has no clue what pink or prints are. Obviously it is West and Kardashian that do not like the color pink or like prints. Kardashian was quoted saying, “She hasn’t liked it for her whole life.”

Kim’s older sister, Kourtney said it best when she added, “Kim and Kanye don’t like pink or prints.” It is kind of ridiculous how they are saying North knows what she does or does not like, clearly controlling is in West’s nature as he controls his best asset, Kim, very well.

So the truth about North’s name has been revealed and it had nothing to do with the genius of West but rather approval from big names like Pharrell Williams and Anna Wintour.  It is also very clear that West is controlling Kim on how she looks and what she wears and the same fashion control is definitely going to be passed on to baby North. The question everyone wants answered is if Kanye charges Kim as much as Kourtney charges for interior decorating.

Opinion by Derik L. Bradshaw