Taylor Swift ‘Shake It Off’ Video Outtakes With Ballerinas


One of this year’s feel-good songs will have fans feeling even better when they watch the entertaining outtakes of Taylor Swift’s interaction with the ballerinas featured in the video. The pop star admits that the ballerina outfit she dons is her favorite of the video, and she gushes over the grace and beauty of the dancers. The ballerinas also seem to admire the singer and marvel at her ability to put them at ease during taping, as shown by a brief interview with the classical dancers. Also seen is one of the on-set choreographers, which is none other than Tyce Diorio of So You Think You Can Dance fame. Best known for his more contemporary numbers, he is featured throughout the behind-the-scenes clips, and notes that Swift is one of the most energetic and willing-to-try-anything dancers he has ever worked with.

Swift released her video as an event that was streamed live on multiple venues, and the fans made sure it was one of the most watched of the year. The song chronicles life lessons learned and how rumors can only hurt if one allows them to do so. The multi-talented singer/songwriter wisely states that people cannot control what others say about them, and it is people’s reaction to rumors that is the only thing that can be controlled. Speaking with more wisdom than many twice her age, she notes that things people say can get under the skin, change one’s perspective or one can just choose to shake it off, like the song says.

Shake It Off is from her newest album, 1989, aptly named for the year of her birth. Much like her retro fashion style, the album is also inspired by years gone by, and a purchase will also get the fans 13 photos with messages from the singer herself written on them – a very clever marketing idea indeed. It seems the singer is not only a chart topper, but a smart business woman to boot.

The video is a reflection of those that may love to dance, but do not necessarily have the greatest rhythm. Swift showcases this by surrounding herself with professional dancers. With her less-developed moves thrown into the mix, the result is funny and heartwarming. In the outtakes with the ballerinas, viewers will find that not only does the songstress appear to be having fun, but watching classically trained ballerinas “shake it off” is also highly amusing. Fans of the video proper will certainly be fans of the outtake clips, and going behind the scenes with someone of Swift’s caliber is definitely something not to be missed.

As soon as the video went public, it became a phenomenon similar to, but not on quite such a large scale, as Pharrell Williams’ Happy, with videos of fans dancing and singing to the hit all over YouTube. If what they say is true that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then Swift should be very flattered indeed. YouTube currently has over seven pages of videos from fans of all ages, genders and ethnicity, and they are almost as entertaining as the singer herself.

Opinion by Kristi Cereska

ABC News

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