Amanda Bynes Denied Request to End Parents’ Conservatorship

Amanda Bynes has been denied her request to have her parents’ conservatorship over her put to an end, after a judge in Los Angeles’ Ventura Court deemed she was still too unstable to take care of herself and make her own decisions. The judge also would not allow the 28-year-old to be represented by legal counsel, as they felt that she was not of sound enough mind to have hired him.

The actress herself showed up late to the hearing, having been occupied elsewhere at a Hollywood diner at which she was consuming watermelon just one hour before it began. The diner in question was reportedly the same one that she visited shortly following her Thursday night release from a Pasadena psychiatric hospital, at which she was said to have been exhibiting extremely bizarre behavior both among herself and to the waitress who served her. Bynes’ parents were also present at the hearing, although they were said to have been allowed little to no say in the proceedings.

The hearing was set up by Bynes in order to try to convince a judge that she was in stable enough condition to be released from the custody of her parents and begin making her own way in order to put her life back together. Right now, Rick Bynes and Lynn Organ have completely control over financial decisions and the like that their daughter can and cannot make; however, they have no authority to actually contain her in one place so that she stays safe and does not get into trouble while wandering around. The possibility of an extended LPS hold, under which an individual is forced to take medication on a regular basis and is involuntarily confined, was originally discussed upon Bynes being placed under a second 5150 psychiatric hold back in mid-October.

Yesterday evening, however, Bynes approached a hearing officer at said facility and requested that she be released from the premises on her own accord. She gave the argument that she had been taking her medication as instructed and was in a perfectly lucid state of mind at this point, and therefore should not be forced to remain there any longer. The officer in question decided that there was no substantial evidence stating that the girl should continue to be held at said facility, and allowed her to take her leave. Almost immediately after exiting the premises, however, Bynes was back to her now infamous street wandering antics, getting into trouble and raising alarm in the places she took refuge in.

After trying in vain to find a hotel that she could seek lodging in (a search that ended with her throwing a fit in an upscale Los Angeles hotel when they refused her based on past impropriety at said hotel), Bynes stopped at the aforementioned diner in order to consume an extremely large meal in celebration of her release. During her time at the joint, however, the former actress was reportedly acting very erratically and talking to herself even after her waitress had left the table. Later on, the California native took to Twitter to start one of her infamous rants against people she feel have done her wrong, in this case targeting both her parents along with Sam Lufti for the way they tricked her into going to treatment in the first place.

However, sources say that the issue with the conservatorship being extended is that the girl’s parents have little to no control over what she actually does outside of what she spends her money on. Given that her aim is to be as far away from them as possible and they do not have any authority to physically prevent her from doing so, the renewed conservatorship does not seem to yield any solution to the current problem. Her friends and loved ones believe that the court decision may actually make the decision worse, since Bynes has been very vocal about how much she despises her parents and what she will do in order to no longer have to be around them.

By Rebecca Grace

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