Ariana Grande Renounced Catholicism in Support of Gay Brother

Pop princess Ariana Grande reportedly gave up Catholicism in support of her gay brother, Frankie Grande. In a recent interview conducted with The Sunday Telegraph, the singer details the journey of how she eventually came to terms that the religion was no longer for her, especially when she found out the church informed her brother that he was no longer going to be loved by God because of his sexual orientation.

The 21-year-old says that hearing this news was the last straw for her, as she felt it was extremely unacceptable for them to treat her brother this way, when he had done absolutely nothing wrong but choose to not longer pretend to be someone he was not. It was around this time that a Kabbalah center was being opened in the pair’s hometown of Florida, so she and her brother made the decision to check it out and see if it yielded any potential for religious conversion. The pair was pleasantly surprised after looking into the Judaism based religion, and Grande says it was at this point she knew which direction she wanted to take her life in. After her conversion was complete, she said her entire life changed and everything began to fall in to place in terms of both her success and her happiness. She attributes all of this to Kabbalah, giving the statement that she had been blessed with all of this goodness because she was correctly practicing all the ways of life the religion taught to, and taking her studying as seriously as she possibly could. These ways of life are said to include not having a substantial ego, as well as taking care to consider one’s intentions before choosing to make any kind of decision that may or may not affect anyone else. Grande gushes over the religion’s ability to allow an individual to better change the reality in which they live, something the singer says she has done since switching from Catholicism.

This is not the first time Grande has publicly discussed her distaste for Catholicism. In July of 2013, she spoke with Metro to relay her first moments of skepticism towards what the religion was truly in support of, stating that it became clear that the church was not nearly as focused on God’s true love of all his children as they were supposed to be, but rather putting the kibosh on things that really had nothing at all today with sinning or the like whatsoever. She recalls her disappointment when the Pope publicly shunned not only things that she had come to love throughout her life, but also ideas that she was very strongly in support of. She says the Pope’s shaming of popular children’s cartoon Spongebob Squarepants for allegedly being gay was ridiculous, and that his labeling anything Harry Potter related as being acceptance of the devil was heartbreaking for her. The kicker, however, was his comments towards women in the workplace, something she says he also labelled a sin and frowned upon the world’s gradual transition into equal employment opportunities. Grande says that it was at this point that she knew her once close relationship with Catholicism was coming to an end, as equal rights was something she was in full support of and had no intentions of putting on the back burner in favor of the Pope’s words.

Ariana Grande, like many other popular celebrities including Madonna, has made the switch into the Kabbalah religion and says she has no regrets whatsoever following her transition. She attributes the church’s disregard for the happiness of her brother Frankie for this severing of ties, something she says was the last straw in an inevitable parting of the ways with the Catholic church.

By Rebecca Grace

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