Bill Cosby Appearance Axed by Queen Latifah in Light of Rape Allegations?


Bill Cosby’s upcoming appearance on The Queen Latifah Show has been axed reportedly in light of the recent allegations having resurfaced regarding the possibility that he raped multiple women over the years, and due to actress Barbara Bowman’s recent claims that the same happened to her. These claims, along with a recent jab by a famous comedian regarding the matter, led to the talk show host making the decision to pull the plug on the 77-year-old’s association with the show.

Latifah and her production crew were said to be extremely alarmed after Chicago comedian Hannial Buress took aim at Cosby during a stand-up event that took place last week, in which he raised the issue of whether or not the rape claims made by several women had any legitimacy to them or not. This comment reopened an extremely sensitive manner that had never quite gotten resolved many years ago, and only resulted in Cosby being involved in a brief lawsuit over the claims. Sources close to CBS network honchos (of which the show is broadcasted in affiliation of), say that producers panicked when word got back to them regarding Buress’s comments, making them fear for the show’s continued popularity if they allowed the actor to appear despite the recently re-opened can of worms. One of their main reasons for cancelling the man’s appearance is said to have related to a recently viral clip the show produced of a 13-year-old boy jumping for joy when he was awarded tickets to infamous drag queen Ru Paul’s show.

Official representatives for the network have since denied the rumors behind why they decided to cut Cosby’s appearance, saying that the move was made for reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with recent events regarding the man’s alleged sexual misconduct. They said that the interview was canceled per request of the Pennsylvania native himself, although they did not elaborate to why. It was also stated the aforementioned viral clip of the 13-year-old also had nothing to do with the cancellation, although the aforementioned sources remain adamant that this is merely a PR coverup in order for both Latifah and Cosby to save face.

The accusations in question most came about in the 1970’s, when various women claimed that the legendary television personality had tricked them into taking drugs and subsequently subjected them to physical violation against their will. Bowman’s claim is much more recent, with her having come forward back in 2005 to give her statement. The woman claims the violation occurred when she was 17 years old, and that it took her a long number of years before she was able to come to terms with the molestation and be brave enough to tell her story. She refers to the man as a monster, and hopes her declaration encourages other women who have been abuse or are currently experiencing it to come forward and put an end to it.

It remains to be seen whether or not Billy Cosby’s appearance on Queen Latifah’s daytime talk show was truly canceled because of the recent allegations surrounding his behavior. Official network honchos, however, remain adamant that the rumors are simply not true and that it was Cosby himself that requested the interview be cut from the show.

By Rebecca Grace

The Urban Daily
Photo by Kenya Allmond – Flickr License

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