Charlie Sheen Investigated for Allegedly Pulling Knife on Dentist


Charlie Sheen is being investigated for allegedly pulling a knife on a Los Angeles dentist while he was also allegedly drugged out on crack cocaine. The incident in question was said to occur on Thursday, Oct. 2. Recent updates to the situation reveal that the dentist himself has since denied the allegations, and all signs seemingly point to his technician fabricating the story in an attempt to receive media coverage.

The aforementioned dental technician gave a statement to law enforcement in which she claimed that the trouble began after she attempted to place a nitrous oxide mask over the actor’s face, upon which time he went berserk and struck her. She then reportedly exited the room while his security guard entered it, along with both the oral surgeon and Sheen’s personal dentist. The technician then goes on to claim that, following an inordinate amount of chaos ensuing, the dentist came out of the room and informed her that the 49-year-old had brandished a knife and attempted to go after him. She also is said to have told authorities that the dentist was informed by said bodyguard that the former Two & A Half Men star was currently high on crack. LAPD officers are looking into a possible battery charge as well as assault with a deadly weapon.

The case is almost certainly expected to be thrown out entirely, due to the fact that the dentist denies the claims outright. He told authorities that Sheen in no way came at him with a knife, and that the technician was most likely spreading stories due to spite over the fact that she had recently been fired. Her employment was reportedly terminated after she violated the dental clinic’s code regarding patient confidentiality, a offense she committed by informing her son that the actor was currently at the clinic in order for the son to potentially get a chance to meet him. The news made its way back to the New York native himself, who told the dentist he was less than impressed with her actions, upon which time she was released from any further obligations at the clinic. The dentist went on to further deny the allegations that his patient was high on drugs of any kind, and also gave the statement that the bodyguard mentioned in the technician’s story told him nothing of the sort.

Sheen is furious with the technician, calling into TMZ to pass on a very strongly worded message regarding his feelings towards her. He says he views her as a traitor who no longer has a job due to her own irresponsible and unethical actions, going on to suggest that maybe she should have used some of the drug that she falsely accused him of being on during his dental visit. The message ended with his encouraging her to enjoy her food stamps, and labeling her a desperate troll. He has since confirmed his representative’s statement that he suffered a bad reaction to the Novocaine due to pain medications he was already on, leading to the aforementioned flailing of his arms and resulting in a dental tray being accidentally knocked over, but denies the rest of the story.

It remains to be seen what will come of the investigation into whether Sheen pulled a knife on an L.A. dentist. However, both Sheen and his representatives (as well as the dentist in question), are continuing to adamantly deny the claims.

by Rebecca Grace

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