Glen Campbell Battles Alzheimer’s Disease [Video]


Country music legend Glen Campbell has revealed that he is fighting a battle against Alzheimer’s Disease. The singer recently shared his battle in the video for I’m Not Gonna Miss You, which is a track that the country star says may be the final song that he will ever records. With the struggle against Alzheimer’s Disease, the ballad shows in detail the struggles the country music icon is facing against the disease.

Throughout the music video, Campbell’s personal home videos and film from his performances throughout his life are included. The result is a heart string tugging experience that may bring tears to the eyes of people who have seen the disease being fought by loved ones.

The singer has said that this will be the last song he records as the disease has already hit the star with a diminished mental capacity, and will slowly take away his memories. In the video, Campbell sings lyrics like “You’re the last person I will love,” and “I’m not going to miss you,” while video footage shows a doctor going over the x-rays of the singer’s brain, explaining how Alzheimer’s Disease will eat away at his brain.

Further on in the video, scenes of one of Campbell’s children being born with the singer in the delivery room is shown. The footage from his performances document the singer through five decades of being the Rhinestone Cowboy. The footage includes a performance with the legendary Johnny Cash.

Campbell originally recorded I’m Not Gonna Miss You specifically for a documentary film about his life. The film, titled Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me, opens on October 24 in New York City with a nationwide release soon after. In the film, there are interviews with a number of music industry stars like The Edge from US, Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen and Taylor Swift. In these interviews, the music icons talk about the impact the icon made on the music industry.

It was 2011 when Campbell was diagnosed with the disease. Now, Alzheimer’s has progressed to the point that Campbell has taken up residency in a Nashville, Tennessee care facility for patients with dementia and Alzheimer’s in April 2014.

In a statement to Rolling Stone, the family indicated that the singer’s mental state had progressed enough that they could no longer care for him at home. The statement also said that the singer is receiving fantastic care and members of the family get to visit him every day. The family also thanked the fans for their continued prayers.

Campbell, who is 78-years-old, seemed to take the news of the disease in stride when he was first diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. In an interview with USA Today in 2013, he remarked that he is getting along with the disease and told it to get out of his head. At that time, the singer seemed optimistic about his chances, however, there is no cure for the horrible disease.

Campbell joins five million people in America who are battling with Alzheimer’s. The disease affects one in three seniors and it is the sixth leading cause of death in the United States. Slowly, the disease takes the mind of the person afflicted.

By Carl Auer

Alzheimer’s Association
Photo by Larry Darling – Flickr License

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