HCHBB June Shannon Was Dating Mark McDaniel Before Sugar Bear’s Infidelity

Former reality television star June Shannon was reportedly dating convicted child molester before ex partner Sugar Bear’s alleged infidelity, which the 35-year-old has since spun as the reason why the two broke up. Her rumored association with McDaniel is said to be the real reason behind the split, as Mike Thompson (Sugar Bear) had reportedly had enough of Shannon’s continued obsession over the man even while he was still behind bars.

New reports have revealed that the Here Comes Honey Boo Boo matriarchal figure is said to have remained extremely attached to the 52-year-old even after they parted ways in order for him to serve his 10 year sentence for the aforementioned molestation, which consisting of forced conduct upon an eight-year-old. The child in question was none other than one of Shannon’s own daughters, her eldest Anna Cardwell. The 20-year-old herself came forward shortly after news first broke that her mother was rumored to be romantically involved with McDaniel, and gave the statement to popular gossip website TMZ that she felt her relationship with her mother was irretrievably broken unless the woman renounced all association with the man. Shannon has remained adamant that she has no connection whatsoever with McDaniel, and that the aforementioned molestation of her daughter is the reason she broke things off to begin with. She insists that she has not seen the man since his imprisonment a decade ago.

Said recent news reports have alleged that Shannon harbored a candle for the man during his incarceration, however, going as far as to keep a box full of mementos of the pair’s relationship stashed in the McIntyre, Georgia, home she shared with her children and Sugar Bear. Thompson is said to have been fully aware of the box’s existence, and reportedly let his partner know how uncomfortable he found it to be. Shannon refused to remove the box from the house or get rid of its contents, something that she and her partner were said to have had many an argument over. The relationship is said to have reached a breaking point upon McDaniel’s release back in March, when Shannon went above and beyond to accompany and assist him in helping him piece his life back together following his incarceration. She was photographed aiding the man in his search for new accommodation, as well as having purchased him a new car in order to better transport himself.

The original story that circulated surrounding Shannon’s split with Thompson lay with her alleged suspicions that he was trolling internet dating websites in order to find additional long-term companionship, claims which were seemingly backed up by Sugar Bear actually having a PlentyOfFish profile that stated he was in McIntyre and seeking a partner for a substantial amount of time, the profile has since been removed. However, his ex’s relationship with McDaniel is said to have long preceded his online dating attempt, given that she is said to have been spending time with McDaniel immediately following his release. Shannon is said to have spun the story so that she came out on top, playing the victim of infidelity when in reality she was reportedly already involved with McDaniel and had put her relationship with Sugar Bear aside.

It remains to be seen whether or not June Shannon’s relationship with Mike Thompson disintegrated due to her dedication to convicted child molester Mark McDaniel, therefore rendering her claims of his infidelity false. The mother of four has yet to release any statement on the matter, although she continues to claim innocence regarding her association with the man.

By Rebecca Grace

Fox News
Photo by Lwp Kommunikáció – Flickr License

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