Honey Boo Boo Stars Say They Are Losing Money Due to Mama June Scandal

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Two stars from the previous hit reality show HCHBB say that the scandal in which show matriarchal figure Mama June is currently involved in is, in turn, costing them money. Show patriarchal figure Mike Thompson (a.ka. Sugar Bear) and his brother Lee (known as Uncle Poodle on the show) recently began claiming that the show’s cancellation resulted in them being duped out of a very large sum of earnings.

Sources close to the brother’s say that they have become bitter over the fact that they had nothing to do with the series’ cancellation, which was axed due to the rumored romantic connection June Shannon has with convicted child molester Mark McDaniel (of whom she has been seen in the company of multiple times since his release back in March.) Their issue lies with the fact that while the upcoming season of Honey Boo Boo will never end up being aired, filming had wrapped up for its entirety and both of the men had put in substantial work in terms of its production. Payment for the filming of said episodes is reportedly related to whether or not they actually air, which none of them ever will in light of the recent scandal. Sugar Bear has not seen a cent of the work that is said to have taken half a year to produce, and he is said to be extremely worried that he never will. This lack of payment could reportedly result in the man becoming homeless, as he fears he is starting to over stay his welcome at the friend’s residence he is currently residing in.

This lack of income is causing an extreme amount of issue for the 42-year-old, who is currently residing with a friend due to the fact he cannot afford his own place. He was asked to leave the family’s Georgia home back in September per the request of Shannon, after their highly publicized split that took place in the same month. The father of Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson has also given the statement that his ex partner has made a point of keeping all of the show’s earnings to herself, and merely giving him a kind of allowance following their split. Said allowance is reportedly nowhere near enough for Sugar Bear to make it on his own or even start to put his life back together, and therefore he has decided to be vocal regarding his discontent with the situation.

The other Honey Boo Boo star Lee Thompson is said to be upset because TLC has not reached out to him in any way to let him know the status regarding his pay, and he is also concerned that he will end up penniless as a result of his former sister-in-law (technically his brother and Shannon were never actually married, but engaged in a committment ceremony last year) and the path she has chosen to take with her life. Uncle Poodle’s worries are said to be unwarranted, however, as he never entered into a contract with the network and was subsequently involved with the production company instead. Sources say that the man will indeed be paid, and that the money is most definitely on the way for the semi-regular Honey Boo Boo star.

It remains to be seen whether or not Lee “Uncle Poodle” Thompson of Honey Boo Boo fame will be paid for his work in the recently canceled reality show. His brother Mike, however, will most likely not be seeing any further earnings as his contracted pay was only based on the actual airing of Honey Boo Boo episodes.

By Rebecca Grace

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