Iggy Azalea Tops Australia’s Maxim Hot 100 and Is Furious About It

Iggy Azalea has topped Maxim Australia’s Hot 100, but she is in no way happy regarding this news. On the contrary, she is furious with her record label for allowing the use of her photograph in the magazine, something she reportedly informed them she was adamantly against only to have them go ahead with the idea anyway.

The 24-year-rap sensation took to Twitter to express her discontent with the Australian division of said label for disrespecting her wishes, as well as the fact that they reportedly gave Maxim Australian a photo that was three years old for publication, again without her permission. She puts her label authorities on blast in the message, stating that her issue with them would have to now be made public after comments made by her in private were seemingly ignored, and perhaps alerting the media to her problem would get their attention and make them realize how unimpressed she was with their actions. In the post, Azalea goes on to instruct label heads to cease giving her permission for publications of photos she has not approved, especially ones that are from the past and have already been used for major cover features already. She says that this is not the first time a photograph has been reprinted without her prior knowledge, and that she would greatly appreciate if the label would approach her before making these kinds of decisions. The first instance of this matter was reportedly when the label sold her image to Cosmopolitan Australia, another magazine she did not want her likeness affiliated with. She does not give reasons as to why she would rather not associate with these magazines, but sources close to the rapper say that Azalea has made a point of trying to be known for her music rather than her appeal as a potential sex symbol.

Azalea has certainly been receiving her fair share of media attention in the past week. She and fellow rapper Snoop Dogg launched an all-out war against each other beginning last weekend, which consisted of several back-and-forth image disses before escalating to full-on video recorded threats via Snoop before the Aussie rapper’s manager (T.I. Harris) stepped in to diffuse the conflict. The fight began when Snoop posted an Instagram picture showing an albino woman, with the caption that she shared an uncanny resemblance to how Azalea looked without makeup. Azalea was in no way amused, publicly shaming the rapper via Twitter shortly after his original post, stating that she was disappointed in his actions and did not know why he would choose to be so mean for no apparent reason. Her comments ignited a spat with another rapper, this time with Tha Dogg Pound member Daz Dallinger. He informed Azalea that she had absolutely no business putting Snoop on blast considering what he referred to as her lowly place in the rap industry, and assured her that Snoop could care less what she thought anyway. Snoop subsequently posted a second picture of how he felt Azalea looked, this time comparing her to a character in the hit comedy White Chicks. She responded by posting a picture of the rapper comparing him to how someone’s no longer drug addicted aunt looked, which set him off to the extreme, causing him to upload the aforementioned video containing threats of what would happen should Azalea not back off. The two have since made amends, however, following a public apology Snoop made via a social media video.

It remains to be seen whether Iggy Azalea’s discontent regarding her recent Maxim Australia cover will be addressed in any way by her label. For the time being, however, appropriate authorities have not responded to their client’s social media rant regarding the situation.

By Rebecca Grace

Mail Online
Sydney Morning Herald
E! Online Canada

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  1. Ebola Jenkins   October 17, 2014 at 8:38 am

    She likes them old dusty Aboriginal-looking dudes, doesn’t she?… One thing is for sure, Williams is a racist who only like people with white-skin.
    …By the way, Ickky Diarrhea’s dad made their house with mud in the Australian outback. Everytime she had a chance, she would bang out old dusty Aboriginal guys and fantasize they were American Rappers. It took her years of practice to perfect her “black” accent. She needs to go back to Australia and play that Australian fart-flute: “PPFFTTWWWWAAAAAUUUWWWW – WWWWAAAUUUWWWWWW – WWWWUAAAAAUUUWWWW….”


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