Jennifer Lopez Gives Details Surrounding Decision to Divorce Marc Anthony

Jennifer Lopez has opened up on her feelings towards her former marriage to ex-husband Marc Anthony, specifically when and why she made the move to pull the plug on the pair’s seven-year union, of which the divorce was only just finalized in June of this year. These details, as well as the turmoil she experienced throughout various other relationships and how she managed to get through it, can be read in the pop star’s latest memoir entitled True Love, which is said to be hitting shelves in early November.

In regards to when her relationship with Anthony official came to a close, the 45-year-old recalled a particularly life altering moment in which she realized that she needed to cut all intimate ties with the 46-year-old entertainer. The New York native said her epiphany occurred during a meeting with manager Benny Medina and her mother, in which she had a kind of panic attack that ended in her tearfully informing the two that she could no longer continue any romantic involvement with her husband.

Lopez goes on to detail the difficulty she faced in keeping up a public charade of the pair’s happiness, given that much of the public viewed the two’s marriage as one of Hollywood’s most stable. She explains the struggle between wanting to keep her fan’s happy in their reverence of the pair’s union, but at the same time having to face reality when the cameras shut down and she and Anthony were forced to examine their own relationship in private. Lopez admits her understanding of how her life could have been construed as being perfect, given that she had been blessed with a seemingly loving husband, two wonderful children and a career that was continuing to rocket up the charts. However, she gives details to how the life she truly experienced could not have been any less ideal behind closed doors. She recalls her terrified she was upon facing the demise of her relationship, and the internal struggle she faced in terms of whether to cut things off for good with her third husband.

The American Idol judge also gives comment to how much of the public views abuse as being primarily physical, but she views it as having far more depth than that. Lopez goes on to say that although she has never been subjected to a black eye or cut lip, she is well aware of how someone can be abused in other ways. Her experience in past relationships is said to have provided her with first hand experience in these ways, most significantly emotionally and mentally. She attributes this harsh treatment as a detriment to the soul, because of how one’s being is shot down and diminished via said actions by a loved ones.

Lopez’s relationships have certainly seen their fair share of media attention. She had been married a total of three times, with both of her previous ex-husbands not exactly having shone away from the limelight. Her first husband, Ojani Noa, has made a name for himself through various telenovas as well as multiple Spanish films. The two were married for only one year, from 1997-1998. Her marriage to her second husband was slightly more lengthy, lasting for two years from 2001-2003. Lopez met Cris Judd via his being hired to direct the music video for her hit track Love Don’t Cost a Thing. Following her split from Marc Anthony, Lopez was involved with significantly younger backup dancer Casper Smart, a union which raised many eyebrows and was speculated as being nothing more than a rebound following her divorce. The two defied the odds, however, dating for an extremely lengthy amount of time before going their separate ways. The former couple is rumored to have made amends in the past few months, although this has yet to be verified via substantial proof.

It remains to be seen how Marc Anthony feels regarding ex-wife Jennifer Lopez’s recently published statement regarding how their marriage actually came to an end. The singer-songwriter/producer has yet to give any public statement on the matter.

By Rebecca Grace

People Magazine
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