June Shannon Put Honey Boo Boo at Risk of Molestation by New Boyfriend?

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June Shannon put her youngest daughter Alana Thompson, a.k.a Honey Boo Boo, at risk of potential molestation by her rumored new boyfriend, who went away for 10 years for subjecting one of the 35-year-old’s other daughters to sexual violation when she was just eight years old. New photographs have surfaced on popular gossip website TMZ detailing the three individuals together just one month ago, which is when most of Shannon’s renewed contact with the man is said to have occurred.

The pictures depicted a smiling Shannon sitting on the staircase of an unknown location, while rumored love interest and convicted child molester Mark McDaniel stands behind her alongside her nine-year-old daughter, Alana Thompson. The most alarming part of these photographs is that McDaniel’s hand is lightly rested over Thompson’s shoulder, something that much of the public and media views as extremely inappropriate and downright dangerous. Their caution comes from the fact that not only was McDaniel put in jail for a decade because he exhibited inappropriate sexual conduct towards Shannon’s eldest daughter, it was in a form that was not only forced but extremely aggressive for the girl (the exact method is too graphic to be revealed without the family’s consent.) Anna Cardwell has since given the statement that, while she was originally on her mother’s side regarding the recent allegations of her engaging in any kind of relationship with McDaniel, enough evidence has been presented to her that she now fully believes that Shannon has been lying about her actions. The 20-year-old has all but denounced her relationship with the woman, saying that Shannon will have no further contact with her two-year-old granddaughter until she has given sufficient proof of ceasing any kind of contact with the man whatsoever.

The Here Comes Honey Boo Boo matriarchal figure’s association with the 52-year-old ex-con was brought to light just a few days ago, when TMZ published a photograph of the two situated in a hotel bed together a few months after the man’s release in March. The meeting was said to be part of a group event that took place in said hotel, although there has not yet been any further details surrounding the parameters of any of this. The family’s reality show was canceled just one day later, with TLC executives giving the statement that they felt the children’s welfare was the first and foremost priority, and therefore the program could no longer continue in any way. This is considered to be a great financial loss to the network, as Here Comes Honey Boo Boo was one of their highest earning shows, and they had also already wrapped up filming of its upcoming fifth season.

Shannon has since released a video statement claiming that she has not had any contact whatsoever with McDaniel since his release, insisting that the aforementioned molestation of her daughter is the reason she left him in the first place. However, there has been more sufficient substantial evidence suggesting otherwise, most significantly in the form of photographs detailing the pair’s association on a regular basis. Shannon not only assisted McDaniel in finding a home following his release, but she also bought him a brand new vehicle in order to help him put his life back together. Although she says that her middle child Lauryn and McDaniel’s son are capable of providing evidence that she has had no association with the man since his release, the aforementioned house hunting evidence shows that Shannon was searching for residences with not just McDaniel but also his son. Child services in the family’s home state of Georgia have since been alerted to the matter, and they say that they are taking the proceedings under full consideration.

It remains to be seen whether child protective services are further investigating the aforementioned circumstances after photographic proof has surfaced that June Shannon has put her youngest daughter in the company of a convicted child molester. Further information on the matter has yet to be revealed.

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