Kevin Hart Succeeds in Mission to Get Bus Driver Her Job Back

Kevin Hart has succeeded in his mission to get a fired bus driver her job back, an employment of which was terminated after the woman reportedly stopped her vehicle at Los Angeles International Airport in order to get out and take a picture with the comedian. The job reinstatement occurred this past Thursday, after the 35-year-old recorded a video in which he asked the bus company to cut the woman a break, to which honchos at the company almost immediately responded to by deciding to give the fired employee another chance.

The driver in question, named Genesha Bradley-Douglas, was driving a shuttle bus headed for LAX when she spotted Hart located outside one of the airport’s terminals, upon which time she made the decision to put the vehicle in park and exit it in order to try to get a photograph with him. Bradley-Douglas succeeded in her quest, with the comedian assisting her in taking a selfie for her phone. National Car Rental got wind of the event, and subsequently sentenced her to indefinite suspension without pay. The other passengers on board, which consisted only of a single family, did not seem to have a problem with the short delay. In fact, the father of the family was said to have been equally as starstruck as Bradley-Douglas herself when he realized who they were stopping the bus to see. Bradley-Douglas gave an interview to a TMZ photographer shortly after being canned from her position, saying that the move to get off the bus and take the aforementioned selfie had ruined her career, but that she still did not regret being able to meet Hart and get a picture with him.

A few hours later, however, their attention was brought to the aforementioned video Hart recorded pleading the bus driver’s case. He called the incident merely the result of his effect on fans, and insisting the woman meant no harm and in no way intended to break the rules or inconvenience anybody. He begged NCR to show some compassion for the woman, insisting she did not deserve to be terminated from her employment. His mission was successful, and she was reinstated later that day. Hart clearly seems to have a way with words, as just hours later he talked officers out of giving him a ticket for an illegal turn.

Hart also made headlines near the end of the summer, when he was spotted enjoying a night out at the same exotic dance club his ex-wife was at, an incident which sources present at the club deemed to be extremely awkward even though the exes made a point to not go near each other. Torrei Hart was partying with her co-stars from the popular VH1 reality show Atlanta Exes, while her ex-husband was there with his new fiancĂ©e. The comedian was donning a shirt captioned with his new bride-to-be’s name, something that witnesses say Torrei in no way failed to notice. She gave a statement shortly following the event that she could care less what he wears or what he spends his money on, as she was over the relationship and had moved on with her life.

It remains to be seen how Genesha Bradley-Douglas feels regarding Kevin Hart’s efforts to secure her employment once more, a mission in which he succeeded. She has not yet given any public statement on the matter.

By Rebecca Grace

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