Mariah Carey Takes Shot at Nick Cannon Through Song? [Video]

Mariah Carey has taken one of her first few public shots at soon-to-be ex-husband, Nick Cannon, regarding her feelings on their impending divorce. At least, that is how it seems based on a recent performance the singer held in Tokyo. The performance took place on the night of October 5, 2014.

The multi-Grammy winning artist was performing a cover of Billie Holiday’s Don’t Explain, which details a woman’s turmoil over a cheating lover. At approximately seven seconds into the track, Carey seemingly changes the song’s lyrics to reflect the current happenings in her own marriage, by switching the words, right or wrong, out with an expletive. The alleged lyrical change is said to be directed at Cannon, who is currently involved in a media storm regarding the possibility that he was responsible for the increasingly bitter divorce between Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa, which is reaching new heights in its animosity. Khalifa’s people have given the statement that the rapper was certain his wife was going behind his back with the America’s Got Talent host, who in turn was accusing the rapper himself of having cheated. While Rose and Cannon have recently been involved regarding a business proposal the latter offered the former girlfriend of Kanye West (she has been offered both a television and book deal, for her to share with the world her difficult social climb in the fashion industry), Cannon himself is insistent their relationship is only of a professional nature. Rose has since been seen canoodling around Hollywood with Nick Simmons, son of rock god Gene Simmons, although the son is also adamant that he and Rose are nothing more than friends.

Carey’s divorce’s from her husband of over six years has quickly become one of the more controversial celebrity splits of the year. While the We Belong Together singer herself has not yet released any kind of public statement regarding the breakup, Cannon and his representatives have been quick to spread his side of the story over the internet every since news first broke of the pair’s separation. Source’s close to Cannon have given the statement that he was the one to initiate the divorce from Carey, a statement he has since confirmed. His reasoning for leaving the marriage is said to surround Carey’s alleged obsession in monitoring all of the 33-year-old’s whereabouts, and to also be in control of every possible aspect around her. Cannon reportedly blasted his estranged wife for her need to surround herself with what he calls yes-men, more descriptively people who agree with her every whim simply in order to please her or face her opposing fury. Those at Carey’s camp, while admitting that the singer had indeed hired extra security to monitor Cannon while he was away in Las Vegas, give the statement that she only did so due to fear he was stepping out on her on a regular basis. These sources say that Carey was simply fed up with her husband’s need to divulge details of their sex life to the general public without her permission, most significantly announcing on a radio show that he had allegedly slept with reality television star Kim Kardashian, a fact which Carey was reportedly unaware of and thus humiliated when her husband made a public announcement regarding the matter.

It remains to be seen whether or not Mariah Carey was legitimately targeting Nick Cannon during her recent performance in Tokyo. Neither she nor her representatives have yet given any statement regarding the matter.

By Rebecca Grace

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