Mike Tyson Reveals History of Sexual Abuse [Video]

Retired professional boxer Mike Tyson has revealed that he was subject to sexual abuse as a child, at the mere age of seven. He gave the statement in an interview with SiriusXM’s Opie Radio, one that took place earlier this week.

During the radio session, the 48-year-old explained that the abuse had occurred at the hands of a complete stranger, one who kidnapped him right off the streets and took him to an undisclosed location. The man, said to be both creepy and old according to Tyson, then forced to endure both physical and mental abuse, bullying him and giving him no choice but to engage in the physical violations. The incident was reportedly an isolated one, however, and the older man was never seen by the New York native ever again. Tyson says he never informed the police of what happened, and made the decision to just move on with his life and try to get past it rather than opening up an investigation towards the man. The host then asked if Tyson had been emotionally or mentally damaged by the abuse, to which the man responded that he was still not sure of it’s affect on him and his life.

This is not the first big revelation that the boxing champ has made this week. Just yesterday, he made an appearance on fellow SiriusXM radio show The Howard Stern Show, in which he claimed that he and late actor Robin Williams bought drugs from the same shady dealer back in the day and thus bonded over it. Tyson opened up about his past struggles with substance issues and mental health problems, both of which he shared with Williams. He says the two would attend the same meetings and subsequently share stories of how the aforementioned dealer had tricked them or sold them less than quality goods. He expressed his astonishment at Williams even being at the meetings in the first place, as he did not understand how someone who was so beloved by the public could find themselves in such a bad state. Tyson ends his interview by detailing his view on what drugs can do to even the best of people, which is bring them into a world they never thought possible due to their addiction to their chosen substance or substances.

Tyson is currently working on a Cartoon Network show that is in its final stages of production, entitled Mike Tyson Mysteries. It features a drunk, angry pigeon that enjoys engaging in various adult activities as it finds itself in one comical situation after another. The program was first previewed at this year’s Comic Con, which took place back in July. The pigeon is voiced by Canadian stand-up comedian Norm McDonald, and features guest voicing from Community Jim Rash, who plays Dean Craig Pelton on the show.

It remains to be seen whether Mike Tyson will reveal more details about the abuse he suffered at the age of seven. For now, however, he seems content with letting the issue remain in the past.

By Rebecca Grace

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Photo by Eva Rinaldi – Flickr License

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