People Need to Leave Kylie Jenner Alone

There has been a lot of talk lately regarding Kylie Jenner and whether or not she is dressing or acting appropriately for her age. The issue, however, is that she is 16, but 16 is an age where many non-famous people do and act however they want and receive no repercussion whatsoever for it.

The difference is that Jenner does not seem to be engaging in any activity that pushes the boundaries further than any other teens around her age; in fact, she seems to be rather better behaved than most teenagers in this day and age. However, because she is a celebrity she is apparently liable to full subjection of her appearance and associations, even though most of those people criticizing here do not seem to realize that she is just doing what teenagers do during their brief stint as kids trying to find their way into being a young adult.

The most recent inquiry into Jenner’s actions and how she is brought up lay with her physical appearance and whether or not she looks appropriate for a girl of only 16. The California native has been scrutinized for the multiple selfies that she has published over the past few months in which her lips have seemingly grown much larger than they had been originally. There was speculation as to whether the girl’s newly plumped lips were the result of an extremely effective lip-liner or rather that of a Botox/lip plumper injecting, with most viewers feeling as though the most likely explanation was that of the second option.

Said Botox suggestion has led to accusation towards Jenner’s mother, former wife of olympian Bruce Jenner, who much of the public feels exploits her children and does not care how overly mature they appear in their public image. Kris Jenner has been accused of throwing her children into the limelight far too early, and thus causing them to lose what was left of their childhood. Both Kylie and sister Kendall have been on the show since they were around 10 years old, thus making it so they have spent the majority of their life as celebrities. Their mother has come under fire before due to her self-proclaimed title as a “momager”, with many viewers feeling that she puts the manager part ahead of the mothering part much of the time. Her most famous daughter Kim is perhaps best known for her highly publicized sex tape with Love and Hip Hop L.A. star Ray J, which has become one of the most viewed adult films of all time since it was purchased by Vivid Entertainment honcho Steven Hirch. The Kardashian matriarch has been put on blast for being seemingly okay with her daughter’s claim to fame lying with a sex tape, and been accused of essentially pimping out her children in order to remain rich and in the spotlight herself.

Her youngest daughter, however, has not yet done anything for people to have reason to hate her for. It seems as though the public wants to dislike her simply because she is part of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, which in itself is ridiculous. She has not had high-profile dramatic relationships that refuse to get off people’s news feeds, she has not gotten pregnant or been arrest, or made any life choices that would lead to a reasonable scrutiny of her character. Therefore, the issue people have with her really do seem to lay with the fact that she puts on too much makeup and takes pictures of herself to publish on the internet. Many individuals believe she is spoiled (the girl did receive a new car not long after crashing her old one almost immediately after buying it), and perhaps she is. The Kardashian-Jenner net worth is in the ranks of approximately $60 million, but that is no reason to harbor a personal vendetta against the girl. After all, she did not choose to be born into much a large sum of money and therefore should not be resented because she has more luxury than most people ever do in their lifetime. Such jealousy and hate towards a 16-year-old seems to say more about the human race than it does about the girl herself.

For the time being, Kylie Jenner seems to be just a regular teenager girl doing regular teenage girl things, albeit with far more money than the average one. Until she makes a decision that actually affects or damage’s someone else’s life and well-being, however, people need to leave the girl alone and find someone else to spread hate and bitterness towards.

Opinion By Rebecca Grace



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