Self-Esteem Is the Road That Leads to Self-Success


“I think I can, I think I can,” chanted the cute little train who had a good understanding of the idea that it is self-esteem which leads a person down the road to self-success. Over the years, existentialist thinkers, law of attraction deliberate creators, and motivational speakers have also tried to communicate this idea and have, effectively, cornered the market on portraying to people the idea that “as a man thinks, so is he.”

Even those who are not members of this school of thought do still acknowledge that, from a basis of common sense, a person who literally believes that a particular task cannot be performed by them will prove to be accurate in thinking so. Beyond that, people who have low self-esteem have an even greater disadvantage facing them. They do not believe that it is the task itself that is unable to be accomplished, they believe that it is they themselves who simply cannot accomplish it. It is this frame of mind that makes it greatly difficult to achieve much of anything at all.

However, when life is viewed through the spectrum of great possibility, even greater possibility becomes attainable. How many highly successful people, even up to the billionaire status, have commented that they never imagined they would reach the level of success they are currently experiencing? When they say that, they are not referring to a thought that they did not believe they could accomplish wealth through the performance of the value they decided to provide to the world, they simply mean that they did not know that value would prove to be so exponentially sought out by others. In other words, they knew they could do it, they just did not know it would be such a impactful.

There are many critics to the idea that self-esteem can lead to a successful life. Some say it is self-control that is the deciding factor. Others contend that it is difficult to assess whether or not self-esteem truly have an impact upon one’s life or performance due to the theory that those with high self-esteem tend to exaggerate their success level.

It is of a greater opinion that in order for anyone to venture out into creating something that has never been created before, self-esteem is a base level requirement. This is because a person who decides to set out toward do something original will automatically be met with skepticism of some sort because not everyone is able to think with an incredibly imaginative mind. Creativity at both the spiritual and scientific level has always come from within and, thus, by presenting an idea to a group of people who have never heard or seen anything similar, those with a lower ability to visualize and imagine (rather, those who do not exercise that ability as often) will not be able to meet the visionary on his/her level.

Therefore, an independent storage vault of confidence will be required in order to charge on and make progressive, forward in the face of this criticism; particularly since even the creator himself has never seen the thing which they are about to create. It is only by having self-esteem that a person with highly imaginative creative powers can overcome the critics and maintain balance so they can stay on the road that leads to self success. One must stay focused on it diligently and hold it with a light-handed, so as not to become negatively consumed by it, yet firmly, to be able to take the steps necessary to bring to vision to reality.

Opinion by Bridgette Bryant

Association of Psychological Science

Photo by gfpeck – Flickr License

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