Stephen Collins Will Not Be Prosecuted for Child Molestation

Disgraced actor and former 7th Heaven patriarch Stephen Collins will not be prosecuted for child molestation, despite having confessed to the act himself. Law enforcement sources have recently given the statement that the cases being pursued in the NYPD, LAPD, and L.A. County Sheriff’s Department will all most certainly come to an end due to the simple reason that too much time has passed since the original events were said to have occurred.

The conduct in question, which Collins himself admitted to have occurred on three separate occasions, took place 30 years ago. This means that the statute of limitations prevents there from being any possibility of prosecution surrounding the events. The only case out of the three that could possibly have led to criminal prosecution of any kind was the one being handled by the New York Police Department, which centered around a victim having come forward back in 2012 in order to report inappropriate conduct at the hands of Collins. Although the individual did speak with detectives and gave a thorough story, the conduct of which she claims occurred also took place many decades ago. This allegation took place sometime during the 197os. Therefore, the appropriate authorities in the investigation believe that there is not much to be done surrounding the woman’s claims, as too much time has passed in order to fully investigate and potentially bring the actor to any legitimate justice should the allegations ring true.

The only other loose end in the entirety of the molestation scandal is the allegations coming from Collins’ soon-to-be ex-wife Faye Grant, whom the actor is involved in an exceedingly bitter divorce with. Grant has given the statement to authorities that her estranged husband exhibited illegal sexual conduct towards a minor while shooting scenes for 7th Heaven, which she claims occurred at some point between the show’s run from 1996-2007. Collins has adamantly denied this accusation, attributing to what he views as yet another desperate attempt by his ex to defame him and extort money from him pending their divorce. Whether or not this is true, or if there really is another victim, no one has yet come forward to back up Grant’s claims.

Collins and his lawyer have publicly put Grant on trial in the past few weeks, accusing her of blatantly extorting the 67-year-old via the aforementioned recorded confession, which they say she has held on to for years as a threat to dangle over his head, if he did not provide her with more money in their divorce. Collins has given the statement that his wife threatened to publicly leak the audio confession several times since their split in 2012, saying that she would only refrain from doing so if he was open to talking new terms in their settlements. Whether or not these claims are true, it is no secret that Grant was unhappy regarding their financial agreement post-breakup, saying that she deserved more than half the actor’s income due to the fact that she had given up her own career as an actress in order to stay home and raise their daughter. Therefore, she felt she was entitled to 50 percent of her husband’s future earnings following the divorce, as she no longer had a steady income after choosing to leave work for their daughter’s sake.

It remains to be seen whether another individual will come forward in the Stephen Collins’ molestation investigation. If no such event happens, however, all three cases will remain closed and the actor will not be prosecuted.

By Rebecca Grace

TV Guide
Mail Online

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