War Machine Says Christy Mack Got Off Easy Due to Not Being in Texas

War Machine
Ex-MMA fighter War Machine believes that ex-girlfriend Christy Mack got off easy in the beating he gave her back in August, due to the fact that they were not in Texas when it happened. The 32-year-old recently penned a prison letter to a friend in which he detailed his claims that, had the incident occurred in Texas, he could have shot her and got away with it by calling it a crime of passion.

In the letter, War Machine states his belief that he should not have been charged with the crime whatsoever, and that Mack is merely doing everything she can to ruin his reputation in order to protect her own. He went on to claim that the incident in question did not happen in the matter of which she relayed to authorities. He denies her claims that he unleashed an unwarranted attack on her friend, Corey Thomas (who was also present at Mack’s house when the incident took place), saying that the man ambushed him as soon as he got in the door. The California native does not, however, have any regrets regarding the violence he inflicted upon both of them that night. Moreover, he has given a statement that they both would have gotten what was coming to them regardless of who ambushed who first. The letter ends with War Machine’s reiteration of his feelings regarding the unfairness of the charges he is facing, of which he believes he is not guilty. The charges in question are numerous and could amount to 32 charges in total. The most significant of the charges include attempted murder on two counts, sexual assault, kidnapping, and battery. He pled not guilty to all 32 charges at a hearing that took place in a Las Vegas courtroom on September 3rd.

The attack in question took place on August 8, when War Machine entered Mack’s home late at night and reportedly flew into a rage after seeing her there with another man, the aforementioned Corey Thomas. He and Mack were said to have had a disagreement in the days prior to the incident, and sources close to the pair have reported that there was something of a misunderstanding between them regarding whether or not they were actually broken up. Sources close to Mack say that she felt the two were through and wanted no further contact with the man, whereas those in War Machine’s circles contend that he was on his way to her house in order to bring her flowers and work on diffusing their issues. Upon becoming aware of Thomas’ presence, however, Mack says he unleashed a furious beating on the man, causing him several serious injuries that resulted in him being sent to the hospital. After finishing his attack on her friend, the adult actress says War Machine then turned his rage onto her, initiating an attack that was both physical and sexual. She told authorities that the ex-fighter forced her to remove her clothes and get in the shower, then proceeding to beat her to the point that she had multiple broken bones and a ruptured liver. Mack says that she escaped the attack by running out of the house and enlisting the help of a nearby neighbor, who subsequently called the police. The woman was hospitalized for several days after the incident, with her co-star starting a campaign to raise money in order to help reconstruct her face after the attack. War Machine was on the run for a full week following the incident, finally being captured by authorities outside Los Angeles.

It remains to be seen whether or not War Machine’s recent comments surrounding the attack on ex-girlfriend Christy Mack will affect his sentencing. A verdict has yet to be reached regarding how long he will spend in prison, although he is currently facing life in prison if convicted.

By Rebecca Grace

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2 Responses to "War Machine Says Christy Mack Got Off Easy Due to Not Being in Texas"

  1. vel   October 9, 2014 at 5:14 pm

    She’s a whore… simple as that. Idgaf…

  2. ankenyman   October 5, 2014 at 9:11 am

    War Machine is lying. We’re supposed to believe that Corey and little Christy planned to ambush and beat up a professional fighter? War Machine had claimed that he caught them in bed together, but in the letter he says he was ambushed by Corey. Which is it? If he was ambushed by Corey, why was Christy beaten to a pulp? The story from WM supporters was that Christy attacked him with a knife, but he makes no mention of it in his letter and it’s not mentioned in the police report. Also, the incident took 2 hours, he had time to saw off her hair with a knife, cancel her appointments on her phone and attempt to rape her – so the self defense claim seems pretty implausible to me.

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