Jennifer Lawrence Refuses to Join Social Media

Hunger Games lead actress Jennifer Lawrence has absolutely no desire to join the world of social media, and says she does not ever envision a time in which she has even a Twitter account. The 24-year-old detailed her feelings towards social media and various other technology during a recent interview with BBC Radio 1.

In the interview, the Kentucky native explained how she found technology in general rather difficult, and that she was not much use when it came to phones or other kinds of devices that have popped up in the last few decades. She says that her ability to even keep track of her emails is slim to none, and therefore the idea of using Twitter is simply unfathomable for her. Lawrence went on to insist that she will never sign up for Twitter, and that any social media accounts claiming to belong to her are most definitely fake and therefore should not be trusted as being legitimate.

One of the other reasons she gives regarding her lack of desire to communicate electronically pertains to how she has been treated by some of the public via said social media platforms, and the things that internet users have said about her and her character over the years. Lawrence gives the statement that, given how much the internet population has slammed her in various ways in the past, she is understandably not so willing to jump in and join the ranks of the kinds of individuals who devote their lives to dissecting every celebrity’s wrong move and lifestyle choice.

The public scrutiny in question is said to relate to the backlash the actress received after several nude photographs of her were leaked in early September, and once again a short while later. While Lawrence was most certainly not the only female celebrity to have their personal privacy breached and intimate pictures uploaded to the internet, there were slightly more of hers that came to light than the others. This led to much judgement among both fans and skeptics alike, with individuals expressing their disapproval that she would even take, let alone keep on a storage device, photographs of such a nature. She was also accused of not keeping a better handle on internal storage of such a personal nature, with many alleging that she even deserved it for not sending them to a safer place or getting rid of them altogether. Lawrence has since expressed her hurt and discontent that people would even think to put the blame on her for the hacker’s violation of her privacy, stating that no one deserves to be humiliated in that way no matter how or why their information was accessed.

Lawrence is certainly not the first celebrity to shy away from joining the internet/social media age, and from shunning Twitter altogether. Veteran actors Brad Pitt and George Clooney have both been very vocal about their disinclination to tweet or share various updates surrounding what they were up to or the like, both expressing their want for some level of privacy in an otherwise open book kind of life due to their level of fame. Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe recently commented that joining social media and posting on a regular basis is counterproductive and somewhat hypocritical to wanting to have one’s own life outside of Hollywood. He says that those who Tweet and post Facebook updates constantly cannot then turn around and ask for privacy or some level of respect when it comes to their personal life, because their fans have become attached to their social media outlets and therefore their wishes will never be heeded.

It remains to be seen whether Jennifer Lawrence will keep her promise to never create a Twitter or various other form of social media. For the time being, however, the actress is adamant that she sees no need for such platforms or other forms of technology.

By Rebecca Grace

BBC News
Fast Company
Photo by Marco Manna – Flickr License

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