Kylie Jenner Is Sick of Lip Surgery Discussion

Kylie Jenner is sick of people debating over whether or not she has gotten any kind of work done on her lips, and also of people discussing them at all for that matter. The 17-year-old recently took to Twitter to express her boredom on the subject, and to request that people make an effort to talk about something else for once.

The youngest member of the infamous Kardashian-Jenner clan posted three tweets within minutes of each other, detailing her feelings that the subject had become tired and exhausted, and that there were more important things going on in the world to be discussed other than what she had or had not gotten done to her face. She goes on to say that people should really find some other form of entertainment, and that they should maybe sort out their own lives before they start attacking what may or may not be going on in hers.

The lip discussion the girl is referring to has been almost obsessive amongst various media outlets in the past few months, with people trying furiously to decide whether or not Jenner’s recently voluptuous lips are the result of a very effective liner or rather injections of some sort. The majority of those involved in this debate have seemingly sided with the latter argument, many of them accusing the girl’s mother of allowing her to get Botox in order to better look like her famous half-sister Kim Kardashian. Multiple entertainment news sites have posted before-and-after photo albums of the girl, some even having the caption suggesting the after part was in result of Jenner having had plastic surgery. The California native addressed the plastic surgery rumors earlier this year, telling the public that she was hurt and confused by these allegations and that they were in no way true. She also reminded the media that she was (at the time) 16, and that such rumors were ridiculous first and foremost because of her age. Journalists and reporters have since dismissed this reasoning, however, suggesting that mother Kris would be more than willing to sign off for any procedure the girl may want in order to better push her on the press (this accusations are related to the fact that much of the public view Kris Jenner as an over-active press agent for her daughters, seeking to find them fame before she performs her motherly duties in an appropriate manner.)

The seeming constant war on Jenner has been going on since she turned 16, and was given a rather luxurious car as a birthday present. Shortly after receiving the vehicle, the girl took it for a drive and subsequently crashed it. The car ended up being so damaged that it could not be brought back to its former state, and Jenner’s parents bought her a new one not long after. She was also given a Hummer by fellow half-sister Khloe Kardashian, who was re-gifting the vehicle after it was bought for her by rapper French Montana, with whom she was involved in a brief romantic relationship with. Jenner was put on blast by both the media and public alike for having more luxury at 16 years old than most adults do throughout their entire lifetime, labeling her as spoiled and casting the blame on her mother and father.

It remains to be seen whether or not Kylie Jenner has indeed had any surgery or facial work done to her lips, as she has not yet flat-out denied it. She does, however, want people to move on to a different form of discussion as she has become very tired of the same questions being asked over and over.

By Rebecca Grace

Huffington Post
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