Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster Possibility Comes From Bioware Boss

Mass Effect

Mass Effect, the space drama that spawned one of the best trilogies of last generation, may be coming to the current generation according to the boss of Bioware. The popular trilogy, confirmed to have a fourth on the way, already has a laundry list of requested specifications for Bioware to follow from fans to bring the titles up to the level of quality the players believe each deserve. This trilogy could probably use a possibility such as this with the lasting controversy behind Mass Effect 3’s ending still fresh in many fans’ minds.

On the gaming forum NeoGAF, Aaryn Flynn, head of Bioware Montreal and Edmonton, took to fans and sifted through their various requests for this Mass Effect remaster possibility. He told the group that there are some requests that repeatedly pop up such as achieving 1080p and 60 frames per second, the inclusion of all downloadable content and the proper integration of those pieces into the proper gameplay section. On the content front, Flynn explained that it all “should just be there,” revealing his goal to have as little intrusive downloads to reach this extra content as possible.

This Mass Effect trilogy remaster possibility seems to focus highly on Bioware’s first entry in the series and bringing that one, as well as the other two, up to this generation’s par. The original Mass Effect is, in many ways, a completely different game than the two follow-ups, bringing role-playing game elements into the spotlight to place a backing on the gunplay. Two and three moved further into an action territory for a lot of fans, and Flynn highlights that the same will probably not be happening to the original in this collection. “It would be a helluva lot of work,” was Flynn’s first reason, followed by a second—the dislike of “retconning” that entry—and third that pointed out the wide fan base of that first title when compared to the third.

Flynn also makes it clear that while his cohorts are preparing for their “N7” holiday discussion, the company had nothing to announce in regards to Mass Effect quite yet. Some of those that offered their insight in the forum speculated that such a reveal was saved for the developer talk, but that will not be the case according to Flynn. Their developer roundtable is today (Nov. 7) at 10 AM Pacific Standard Time and can be viewed on the official Bioware Twitch page below.

The Mass Effect trilogy left many fans with a bitter taste after what was, for most, an exceedingly engrossing and different form of storytelling. The ending of the third entry turned many fans on Bioware themselves, prompting everything from angry emails to an entire campaign that prompted a piece of free content for “further clarification” on their ending. That was not enough for some, but did little to slow the sales of the series as a whole. Overall, the Mass Effect trilogy has sold over 14 million copies with the second entry selling the most (4.8 million) and the third entry close behind at a little over 4 million units sold to date.

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