Mom Jailed in New Jersey for Paying Man to Kill Daughter’s Ex, Two Others

New Jersey

A Forks Township, Pennsylvania, mom has been arrested and jailed in New Jersey after hiring a hit man to kill three people – the ex-boyfriend of her daughter and two others. The hit man turned out to be an undercover police officer from the New Jersey Police’s Violent Organized Crime Control South Bureau. The New Jersey police had been notified in October by the NYPD of Nagrodski’s desire to pay somebody to act as a hit man, allowing them the opportunity to set up the sting.

John Hoffman, acting attorney general for New Jersey, announced that Denise Nagrodski, 52, had been taken into custody on Tuesday at approximately 7:30 p.m. Police arrested her on Route 22 as she drove away from the Phillipsburg Mall, a shopping center at which she had met with the detective posing as a hit man.

Nagrodski told the detective that he wanted her daughter’s ex-boyfriend to be murdered because he had abused her, causing her to miscarry twins. Hoffman claims that Nagrodski asked the officer to ensure that the man knew that she was behind his murder and to “burn him alive.”

In addition, Nagrodski told the detective to also murder the ex-boyfriends sister as well as the sister’s boyfriend. She wanted both to be shot two times in the forehead, which represented “one for each twin.” The Pennsylvania mother was unable to get a gun for the hit man to use, so she compromised with the detective. In the end, they agreed that he would instead “bash in” their heads and then light their house on fire.

During the meeting with the “hit man,” Nagrodski gave him pictures of the victims, a map to the house in Bound Brook, New Jersey, where they were living and a $500 final payment. In a prior meeting with the undercover officer on Nov. 21 at the same mall, she had given him $500 as a down payment. At that time, the detective had warned her that when the meeting was over, the plan was in place and there was no turning back. She responded, “I need it done.” Both meetings were recorded by police.

Also speaking to the media was Director Elie Honig of the state’s Division of Criminal Justice Gangs and Organized Crimes Bureau. Honig said that what Nagrodski lacked in funds to hire a hit man was more than made up for by her sheer “determination to take revenge” on her daughter’s ex-boyfriend, who she believed had caused her daughter to miscarry her grandchildren.

Nagrodski is charged with three counts of conspiracy to commit murder in the first degree, three counts of attempted murder in the first degree, one count of conspiracy to commit aggravated arson and one count of attempting to fabricate or tamper with physical evidence. All of the first-degree counts could result in a fine of up to $20,000 and a sentence of 10 to 20 years in prison. The total years to which she is sentenced multiplied by 85 percent result in a mandatory period she would have to serve before being eligible for parole. Because there are multiple victims, any sentences would be served consecutively.

She is being held in the Warren County Jail with bail set at $2 million in cash. As of Wednesday, it was unclear if she had a lawyer.

By Jennifer Pfalz


Fox News



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