Snoop Dogg Echoes Iggy Azalea’s Claims of Never Collaborating

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Snoop Dogg has echoed Iggy Azalea’s claims that the two will never collaborate in any kind of duet. The former rapper recently gave a statement to a TMZ photographer, in which he rather explicitly detailed his feelings toward working with the rapper.

In said interview, the 43-year-old was adamant that he and the Australian rapper would never enter into any kind of collaboration or duet in the music industry. Snoop Dogg said that he was finished with any further association with the 24-year-old, and that the idea of them joining forces to make music was laughable at the very least.

Snoop Dogg  echoes Azalea’s recent statement of the same, which she made to a camera person while making her way through LAX just last week. The question was proposed to her regarding whether or not the two had made amends enough to collaborate, to which she made a polite yet adamant statement that it would most likely never happen. While she did not go so far as to blatantly state her dislike for the California native, she made her view pretty clear that the two’s association would never go further than civility and pleasantry.

The pair’s hostility started last month, when Snoop Dogg ignited something of a social media war with the woman via a composite photograph he posted that compared Azalea’s appearance without makeup to an unknown albino woman with no eyebrows and cornrows. The Mullumbimby native shot back almost immediately, saying that she was extremely disappointed with the rapper for his actions and did not understand why he would be so cruel and hurtful for no apparent reason.

Tha Dogg Pound member Daz Dallinger, who is also Snoop Dogg’s cousin, went on a social media rampage towards Azalea, saying that she had no idea of her place in the rap world and therefore was unaware of how inappropriate it was to put his cousin on blast the way she did. Dogg reiterated his cousin’s claims, subsequently publishing an additional composite photograph of his opinion that the woman looked just like a character from the popular Marlon Wayans comedy White Chicks. She posted a retort to this comparison soon after, uploading a photo of Snoop and saying that he looked just like someone’s aunt after they had ceased using hard drugs on a regular basis.

It was at this point that the situation escalated, and Snoop Dogg uploaded a rather explicit video in which he warned the girl to either take a step back or be made to by either him or his crew. Just one day later, however, Snoop Dogg called a kind of truce on the matter via an additional video, in which he apologized for his actions and stated that he would no longer instigate the situation any further. His apology was said to be requested by fellow rapper T.I. Harris, who also acts as Azalea’s manager. The Australian rapper has since shown that she holds no grudges to Snoop Dogg’s Instagram disses, as she celebrated Halloween by dressing up as the aforementioned White Chicks character.

It remains to be seen how Iggy Azalea feels regarding Snoop Dogg’s statement that the two will never collaborate under any circumstances. For the time being, however, the rapper has made it clear that she has little interest in said musical union as he does.

By Rebecca Grace

New York Daily News
Photo by NRK P3 – Flickr License

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