Sugar Bear Suffers Medical Incident at Mama June’s House

sugar bear

sugar bear
Here Comes Honey Boo Boo star Sugar Bear, whose real name is Mike Thompson, suffered a medical incident of sorts at Mama June Shannon’s house earlier this afternoon, after he passed out and EMT’s had to be called to the scene. The 42-year-old is said to be in stable condition as of now, with sources writing the incident off to the result of high blood pressure.

Thompson has reportedly been staying at the family’s home in McIntyre, Georgia, for the past several days. The circumstances regarding why the man passed out or what was happening beforehand are still unclear, although it is now known that he regained consciousness before said paramedic services arrived. He has since been released from hospital, and has return to the family’s home and is retaining residence at their establishment.

Why Sugar Bear has been residing at his ex-partner’s home is also unknown, as he was previously staying with a friend after his eviction from said residence following the pair’s breakup back in September. While the man is said to have been making daily visits to the home in order to visit his nine-year-old daughter Alana Thompson, no recent news has indicated that he and Shannon have made any kind of amends that would lead to him taking residence at said McIntyre home.

There is much speculation, however, that Sugar Bear is residing at the home because he has no other choice in regards to keeping tabs on his daughter and her welfare. He recently gave the statement to a TMZ photographer that he was extremely concerned regarding his ex’s rumored relationship with convicted child molester Mark McDaniel, who received a 10 year prison sentence for molesting one of Shannon’s own daughters, who at the time was merely eight years old. Recent photographs came to light showing Sugar Bear’s daughter Alana in the company of said child molester, with the man’s hand resting lightly on the girl’s shoulder.

Other sources say that Sugar Bear’s continued association with Shannon may be strictly financial, as she is currently the one in possession of the family’s earnings from their recently canceled TLC reality show. While it was recently revealed that SB and his brother Lee Thompson (as well as all four of Mama June’s children) were set to receive total payment for the fully completed yet axed upcoming season of HCHBB, the show’s matriarchal figure is said to have only been giving the man a kind of allowance in the wake of their split. Said allowance is reportedly nowhere near enough for the man to live on, let alone financial support his daughter, and therefore multiple sources are suspicious that Sugar Bear is maintaining a false friendship with his ex solely in order to keep an appropriate eye on his daughter in the wake of recent circumstances having taken place

It remains to be seen whether or not Mike ‘Sugar Bear’ Thompson will make a full recovery following his medical incident having occurred early Sunday afternoon. For now, however, the man is said to be in good spirits and on his way to being back on his feet.

By Rebecca Grace

Photo by Lwp Kommunikáció – Flickr License