2015 Are We There Yet?


We are only a few hours from the close of another year.  The energy on social media is buzzing with another round of proclamations, affirmations and resolutions.   The question is not really whether we have arrived yet; instead it is more of a challenge than that. The real question is:

How will 2015 be different from any of the other year?

I’m sure many have heard the definition of insanity expressed as “…doing the same thing but expecting different results.” In order not to enter the New Year playing the role of an insane person, some issues will need to be dealt with. We are not there yet, however regardless if you are located on the West Coast or the East Coast there are only a few hours remaining between the close of 2014 and start of 2015.

If you have ever gone on a trip with a little person, you are well acquainted with their lack of patience. They could not care less about the journey or the sights on the road, all they want to know is, “Are we there yet?” Even with all the technology at their fingertips and DVD players lodged in vehicles, they still find something to complain about along the way. Perhaps, that is the kind of year 2014 has been for you and all that seems to be important is putting it behind so you can reach your new destination.

Here are a few tips to consider as plans are made to cross over into another year:

A plan needs to be set in motion now: How one thing ends is how the next will begin. In order to expect different in the future a plan needs to be established beforehand and set in motion. Spend time thinking about the challenges and successes of 2014 and use this as momentum to visualize what you want “tomorrow” to look like.

Learn what success means to you: Stop borrowing everyone else’s definition of what success should look like. Just as perfume smells differently against each person’s skin so does success. It looks different from one life to the next because it centers on each person’s reason for existence. Step out of what others have envisioned for you and dare to map out your own success story by making destiny a personal priority.

Do not make decisions when you are frustrated: Everyone has times when the pressures of life tend to push them away from an area of peace. Do not make permanent decisions based on emotional highs or lows. When emotions are flared, people are most vulnerable and the risk of error increases. Always take a step back allowing time to recuperate before making a decision out of frustration.

Learn to view challenges as opportunities: Adverse things happen to everyone, the difference is the meaning we attach to it. In life what happens to you does not matter as much as what you make each experience mean to you. Always dig deep for the diamond in the rough before make a decision that could have a long-term, adverse effect.

As the final hours of 2014 wind down, let this be a time to rehearse the past few months. It is not too late to create a shift for the upcoming year. It is so close I can already taste the “bubbly” and hear the shouts of victory for the opportunity of a new year. To answer the original question, “Are we there yet?” No, not yet but close enough to taste victory. Let’s get ready to make 2014 different from years past.

by Cherese Jackson (Virginia)

Photo by Igor Prahin – Flickr License

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