Anonymous Shuts Down Fort Lauderdale Website [Video]

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The City of Fort Lauderdale’s website was shut down today in a suspected attack by Anonymous, a secret hacktivist group. Anonymous threatened to attack the government website if demands to remove an un-popular homeless ban were not met.

On a YouTube video posted today, they threatened to bring the website down if the city did not repeal the new ordinances jumping to the public spotlight over the past couple weeks. An individual in a black robe and Guy Fawkes mask, symbolizing the group, addressed Jack Seiler, the city mayor. He referred to the mayor as a “disgrace”.

The individual mentioned Arnold Abbott, the person at the center of attention. Abbott, 90, received several fines for feeding the homeless in an unapproved location.

The masked individual read off a list of demands addressed to Seiler. The person warned that non-compliance within 24 hours would lead to the shutdown of the website. Anonymous is calling the shut down, “Operation Lift the Bans.” The video ends telling the mayor the he should have expected them.

By Stevenson Benoit


Photo by Katy Levinson – Flickr License