Chris Brown is Single Once More, Blasts Karrueche During Concert [Video]

Chris Brown appears to be single once more, having recently alerted the world of his new relationship status via a concert set he was performing yesterday. The musical performance in question took place during the annual Cali Christmas of Power 106 (a yearly celebration hosted by a popular California Hip Hop radio station.)

Halfway through the set, the 25-year-old asked his audience if there were any single woman present in the venue at that current time. This question did not get any kind of significant reaction from the female audience, but the Virginia native chose to keep going anyway and inform the crowd that he was single as well and had henceforth asked the question previously referred to. He issued a rather extreme expletive towards his ex, Karrueche Tran, saying that he was absolutely done with that relationship and could care less about her person in general.

After the event wrapped up, Brown took to Instagram to post a snapshot of himself with three Kardashian-Jenner sisters surrounding him, two of which were sitting on his lap. The companions in question were that of Kendall and Kylie Jenner, as well as their half-sibling Khloe Kardashian. There has been speculation that Brown uploaded said picture in order to further instigate his further war with Tran, a battle plan that was seemingly effective given the responding tweet the woman posted shortly after her ex’s aforementioned picture with the girls. Tran posted a subsequent diss towards the Kiss Kiss singer, expressing her amusement in the fact that a man’s true feelings really come to light after the individual they are in a relationship with has cut all ties with them.

The social media feud between the two has since escalated significantly over the weekend, leading to various full-blown accusations against each other regarding what the other one did to turn their relationship sour and therefore make things irreparable. Earlier today, Tran posted a rather extensive Instagram revelation following a text-based picture stating that bad experiences can either define or make you stronger. The caption to said image explained her reasoning for the end of the relationship with Brown, in which it appears to dictate the fact that she ended their union first. Said reasoning included her claim that Brown had mistreated her on more than on occasion while also claiming to be in love with her. Her newfound strength in herself is said to be why she cut things off with the singer, as she stated she no longer wanted to be involved in anything unhealthy or unreasonable in terms of how it depicted her self-worth.

Brown fired back soon after, issuing his retort via the same social media platform, calling his former girlfriend out on her claims regarding everything having gone down being his fault and nothing to do with her whatsoever. He went on to reprimand her for allegedly only visiting him once during his nearly fourth month-long incarceration period, during which time he accuses her of hosting parties and involving herself with individuals other than himself. Most significant of these allegations lay with Canadian rapper Drake, with whom Brown alleges that Tran had engaged in multiple secret trips to Toronto in order to go on clandestine dates.

It remains to be seen whether this most recent fallout marks the end for Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran. Based on previous history of being very much an on-again-off-again couple, however, the pair’s relationship status remains up in the air in terms of their likelihood of reconciling once more.

By Rebecca Grace

Photo by Eva Rinaldi – Flickr License

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