Floyd Mayweather Witnessed Murder-Suicide via Facetime [Video]

Floyd Mayweather was engaging in a FaceTime conversation with rapper Earl Hayes when he made the decision to kill both his wife and then himself, and reports have stated that authorities are seeking out the athlete for intensive questioning regarding his involvement in the matter. The tragedy in question occurred yesterday morning, and resulted in the death of both Hayes and Stephanie Mosley, the latter best known for her role on the former VH1 series Hit The Floor.

The reason for the LAPD’s desire to meet with the boxer lays with the recent revelation that he had been going out of his way to talk Hayes into breaking off his relationship with Mosley, even going to far as to taunt him and call him names in regards to his insistence on staying with the girl despite the immense amount of problems the pair had endured throughout their union. She had reportedly engaged in an intimate relationship with fellow rapper Trey Songz while she was married to Hayes, something that her husband is said to have never gotten over despite his best efforts to repair the couple’s marriage, with sources stating that Hayes brought up the affair on a regular basis. Mayweather allegedly told his friend that he was weak for not breaking things off with the woman, and spent multiple occasions informing him that he needed to step up and be a man in terms of what she had done and no longer allowing himself to be pushed around and used by an unfaithful woman.

It was during said FaceTime call that the situation escalated and Hayes finally reached his limit regarding Mayweather’s pressuring and allegations that he was not doing the right thing in terms of his relationship. Mayweather was reportedly engaging in yet another pep talk surrounding his encouragement for Hayes to leave the woman, when the rapper decided to heed his advice in a manner that the athlete in no way saw coming. Hayes informed Mayweather that he was going to step up in the manner suggested to him by the boxer, and execute his decision by pulling a gun on his wife and ending her life. When the 37-year-old realized what his friend was about to do and the horrific events that were about to transpire, he is said to have begged and pleaded with Hayes to get him to change his mind and go about the situation any other way.

His desperate attempts to convince Hayes to not go through with the act went unheeded, however, and the rapper walked into the bathroom where his wife was bathing and shot 10 to 12 shots at her person, hitting her multiple times. Neighbors heard the girl screaming and began proceeding towards the house to further examine the situation, but retreated when they heard an additional shot and chose to call 911 instead. The aforementioned shot heard by the neighbors was the sound of Hayes turning the gun on himself, an act which took place in the couple’s bedroom.

What is considered to be an incredibly eerie aspect of the whole situation is the fact that Hayes had clearly been envisioning going through with the murder-suicide for some time. About four years ago, the rapper released a track entitled Suicide, which was a part of the compilation mix tape called The First 48 (which also the title of a notable A&E crime documentary). In the aforementioned song, Hayes detailed his wish to end the couple’s troubles by having both of them go out with a bang. He goes to state his view that if one takes it out on the person who deserves it they get surrounded by authorities and subsequently have to shoot their way out and face the penalties. In another song entitled Introducing Hayes, he expresses his desperate desire to be respected no matter the cost, even if he has to die in order to receive his dues.

It is not yet known whether or not Floyd Mayweather will be implicated for his role as witness to the murder-suicide involving Earl Hayes and his wife Stephanie Mosley. Neither Mayweather nor his representatives have yet given any statement on the matter.

By Rebecca Grace

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