George H.W. Bush Remains in Hospital for Fourth Night in a Row

Former president George H.W. Bush is spending his fourth night in hospital, following his Tuesday evening admittance for shortness of breath. While there is no word yet as to why he is still being kept there, it is said to be merely a continued precaution regarding the aforementioned reason why he was brought there in the first place.

Jim McGrath, a spokesperson for the Bush family, continues to give the statement that the 41st POTUS is in continuing to remain in high spirits and is making progress towards his health being fully restored. This statement has been reiterated from the start of the 90-year-old’s admission to Houston Methodist Hospital, although the man refuses to go into further detail as to why the Massachusetts native is still being held under care if everything regarding his well-being is actually as fine as it is being relayed. Indeed, yesterday McGrath issued an announcement detailing the fact that Bush Sr. would be spending Christmas day in hospital, but that he had experienced another great day and was by all means getting back on his feet anytime.

He went on to relay H.W.’s message that he hoped one and all would experience a Merry Christmas and holiday season, and that he simply wanted to spread joy to everyone he could despite his own circumstances. While said message was extremely valiant and appreciated, those worried about Bush’s health began to come increasingly frustrated about the lack of new updates concerning why exactly he was not being released and what was wrong with him if he had to continue to stay at HMH.

There is speculation that the reason behind his lack of exit from said facility lies with the fact that he has been there before, right around this time of year in fact. Over Christmas 2012,  the former president spent a total of seven weeks in HMH in order to be treated for complications due to bronchitis and other ailments. The situation is said to have gotten so bad over the aforementioned two-plus months that his family and loved ones did not believe he was going to make it, and therefore spent multiple days huddled around his bedside in order to say their last goodbyes. However, Bush pulled out of his ill-health and made a full recovery, much to everyone’s surprise and delight.

He suffers from a form of Parkinson’s disease which has made him surrender the use of his legs as of some time ago, meaning he must use a wheelchair or motorized scooter to get around on a regular basis. This physical disability, however, has not stopped the man from living as full a life as he possibly can. He has reportedly been skydiving for at least three of his birthdays since his term as president ended in 1993, most recently on his 90th birthday back in June. He is currently the oldest former president still living, beating out Jimmy Carter by only four months. Bush and his wife Barbara have the longest standing presidential marriage, set to celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary at the beginning of January.

It remains to be seen how much longer George H.W. Bush will remain in hospital. More information on the matter has yet to be revealed.

By Rebecca Grace

Fox News
ABC News

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