Justin Bieber Goes on Dinner Date With Hailey Baldwin?

Justin Bieber recently flew to New York in order to have dinner with Hailey Baldwin, one of the daughters of veteran actor Alec Baldwin. Although the pop star insists the two are just friends and not involved in any sort of romance whatsoever, there is much speculation that he is perhaps not telling the whole truth on the matter.

The pair was spotted in the city before and after their trip to the popular Chinese food hotspot Mr. Chow on Friday night, both decked out in all black and light sweaters despite the cold. Bieber flew into JFK earlier that day after spending Christmas with his family back in Toronto, which is not that far of a trip in itself to make. However, it is both the fact that his first stop back in the states was to have dinner Baldwin and the way the two were behaving while they were photographed that has caught the attention of the public, despite Bieber’s repeated claims that the media is blowing the status of their relationship out of proportion entirely.

At one point in the pictures being snapped by various paparazzi (said photographs have since been distributed widely over the internet by an abundance of media outlets), the 20-year-old made an extremely outlandish effort to not have his face seen by cameramen by holding up a plate from said restaurant over his face to shield it from view. Baldwin herself does not exactly seem overly confident to have her picture taken leaving the restaurant with the Baby hit-maker, covering her mouth with her fingers as they made their way down the steps following their departure.

This is also certainly not the first time that the two have been spending intimate time together recently. In fact, it was only a few weeks ago that Bieber and Baldwin were spotted in Beverly Hills shortly following the former celebrity just having wrapped up a recording session. A photograph of her jumping into Bieber’s arms and the pair sharing a rather close embrace afterwards made its rounds on the internet immediately after, sparking the original rumors that they were involved in some kind of romantic activity. They have also been seen at a Clippers game, dining at Wolfgang Puck’s BH bistro, and completely various errands around town together in the past little while.

Bieber, however, recently took to Instagram in an attempt to set the record straight. He shared a photo of the two of them with a caption essentially mocking the media and public for their quickness to assume two individuals are dating simply because they have been seen in each other’s company on any one given occasion or more. He went on to say that if the pair were in fact a couple, everyone would have no doubt as to that it was a fact and not have to guess. He insisted that he was still single, and had every intention to stay that way for the upcoming while.

It remains to be seen whether or not Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are, in fact, dating. However, the Believe singer remains adamant that the speculation is nothing more than over-excited fans getting their hopes up that he is once again in a relationship.

By Rebecca Grace

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Photo by Mark Ashman – Flickr License

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