Nick Cannon to Put Mariah Carey on Blast in Upcoming New Album

Nick Cannon is reportedly set to put estranged wife Mariah Carey on blast in his new album, which he is recording with the help of record producer Mally Mall. Mall recently gave an exclusive statement to popular gossip website TMZ in which he gave details surrounding the aforementioned slam record.

The Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood guest star was making his way through LAX on Wednesday when a cameraman stopped him to raise the question regarding what Mall feels or knows will be huge in the year 2015, in terms what may be up and coming in the music and record industry. The 30-year-old replied that there were a lot of albums planned for release in the new year, making particular reference to the one he and Cannon have been working on together for quite some time.

The photographer in question asked Mall to confirm that Cannon was indeed releasing another album, as he had not yet heard any news on the matter and appeared rather surprised that the America’s Got Talent host had an impending record on the sly. The California native confirmed the statement, and the cameraman proceeded to ask whether or not the record producer thought that Cannon and Carey would ever end up doing a duet together in any shape or form. Mall did not hesitate to voice his adamancy that such a musical union would never happen in a million years, going on to admit that Cannon had involved Carey quite a bit in his new record and that the references towards her would be nothing less than controversial.

The photographer then asked if the Heartbreaker singer’s estranged hubby was referring to her in his songs in a “rapper way” or in a less than desired type of mention, and at first Mall said that the mentions were nothing unpleasant and were issued in a good manner. Following a slight prodding from the cameraman, however, Mall then admitted that the references were both good and bad in terms of Cannon’s detailing of the pair’s former intact union. The paparazzo expressed his opinion that this news was extremely interesting, and at this point Mall bade him adieu, wished him a Merry Christmas, and went on his way.

There is much speculation regarding the reason why the producer mentioned that the new lyrics may be controversial regarding the pair’s split, and these rumors lay with the fact that just a few weeks ago Cannon himself gave the statement that his impending divorce with Carey was nothing but amicable in order to keep their children away from any animosity and to better raise them as co-parents, rather than rivals who used to be together but now are involved in an extremely unpleasant breakup involving bitterness and hatred.

It remains to be seen what exactly Nick Cannon said about his relationship with Mariah Carey in the aforementioned upcoming album, recorded with legendary producer Mally Mall. More information on the matter, as well as even a tentative release date, has yet to be revealed.

By Rebecca Grace

Mail Online
Photo by Juan Antonio Martinez – Flickr License

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