Paramore’s Hayley Williams Gets Engaged to New Found Glory’s Chad Gilbert


Hayley Williams, frontwoman of the popular American rock band Paramore, has become engaged to boyfriend Chad Gilbert. The lead guitarist of fellow rock group New Found Glory popped the question to his love on Christmas Day, an invitation she is said to have accepted without hesitation immediately after it was asked.

The 26-year-old, who has been with her man for six years, took to social media earlier today in order to share the good news with her fans and supporters all over the world. She shared her update in the form of the couple with a bride and groom’s outfit superimposed on their bodies via a photoshopping program, with the caption “guess what?”. Although she left it up to her fans to draw their own conclusions surrounding what her news was, it did not take them very long to figure out that their favorite rock singer had become engaged to her longtime boyfriend, upon which time they showered Williams with well-wishes and congratulatory messages in response.

Gilbert himself shared the same photo via his personal Instagram, but was less coy about what it meant and the reason behind his uploading it to social media. His caption detailed the fact that he had popped the question on Christmas day, and that Williams had agreed to marry him. Again, fans of NFG and Paramore were quick to like and comment on the post, informing the couple that they were extremely happy at their impending marital union and that they wished nothing but the best for them both. Many celebrities also reveled in the couple’s happiness following the engagement. These individuals included Fallout Boy bassist Pete Wentz, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, and popular EDM artist Zedd (with whom Williams recently collaborated on the hit track Stay The Night.

Gilbert gave an interview with Fuse magazine back in September in which he discussed the pair’s relationship, detailing how they had hit a bit of a rough patch a few months before that and it was the music in the end that helped it get through. He said that being able to write songs in order to get all the feelings out and really realize what was important and what they would both do in order to achieve that goal, was what made it so they reached the point they are at today. He went on to state that their separate touring schedules most certainly put a strain on the relationship, as they were constantly away from each other and therefore were unable to discuss issues or work through problems on a face-to-face basis like most couples did whenever things went wrong and they needed to have a sit-down in order to work through it and find a way to cope with the obstacles they were each facing in terms of the progression of their relationship union.

Paramore’s Hayley Williams and New Found Glory’s Chad Gilbert have become engaged, this occurring on Christmas Day. The two have yet to set a date for their impending nuptials.

By Rebecca Grace

Mail Online
Photo by Kim Erlandsen – Flickr License

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